• Photography By:

    Gregoire Jules

    Cheonshae & Mario Brown

    April 30, 2021 in Miami, Florida

    Cheonshae and Mario Brown first met in middle school, and Mario tells everyone that Cheonshae has liked him ever since. The two officially started dating after graduating from high school in their hometown of Horn Lake, Mississippi. 

    “We were young, so neither of us thought it would be anything as serious as marriage,” Cheonshae shares. “However, two years later, we were just moving into our new place and decided to visit the pool. After leaving the pool, I was washing my hair; and when I looked up from drying my hair, he was on one knee with a ring. Engagements weren’t as extravagant back then in 2010 as they are now, but it was so perfect for me, and I was extremely surprised. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

    “We did it, baby.”

    The young bride and groom’s first wedding in 2011 was extremely difficult, with a wedding planning process that was unorganized and “all over the place.” Both were still figuring out life, and their daughter was born just a couple months prior. 

    “I felt a million emotions and stress,” Cheonshae reflects. “Anything that could happen felt as if it did happen. The day still turned out to be great; however, we both know that wasn’t our dream wedding. We pushed through and were just happy to be married to one another. We had over 100 guests and a small budget. We didn’t have our dream wedding money at the time, so we had to make do with what we had.”

    Ten years later, the couple’s goal was to recreate their wedding day “the right way.” They enlisted the help of Tica Rose Events, who took away all their stress and allowed them to fully enjoy bringing their dream wedding to life. Cheonshae considered having a smaller celebration, but Tica explained how they could strike the perfect balance of going big with a luxury event, but with an intimate ceremony with just their immediate family. 

    “What I was most excited about was the comparison of our 2011 wedding vs 2021,” Cheonshae adds. “In 2011, we were just starting out and trying to build, compared to now. We were able to fully do anything our hearts desired for our special day. We built two successful businesses from the ground up and could literally see the transformation from where we started. We had our three kids who were born throughout the ten years by our side to witness us take our vows all over again. For my first wedding, I was so stressed I couldn’t even get my makeup done. This time around, I had no worries and was able to completely sit back, smile, and enjoy every moment.”

    The aesthetics of the couple’s ten-year vow renewal were truly mind-blowing. Their color scheme looked beautiful and each detail – down to the fire dancers for entertainment – was perfectly executed. 

    “Every vendor was extremely professional and kind,” says Cheonshae. “The photographer really captured so many great moments to look back on forever. The most memorable part of our wedding would have to be walking to the altar together, holding my best friend and life partner’s hand; because at that moment, I felt a ton of emotions. The number one thing was us looking at each other with huge smiles on our face saying, ‘We did it, baby.’ Ten years later we did it. We got our dream wedding and built the life we dreamed and talked about from the beginning.”


    Planning: Tica Rose Events, Miami, FL; Photography: Gregoire Jules, Miami, FL