• Photography By:

    Marco Rojo

    Clair & Eddie Corsaf

    January 31, 2021 in Miami, Florida

    The first time Clair and Eddie Corsaf met was in Panama, when Clair had traveled to visit her brother and his family. Her sister-in-law and siblings set it up, giving Eddie her number beforehand.

    “He had sent me a text a few months prior to show interest but nothing ever happened until we met in person in November of 2019,” Clair explains. “Eddie picked me up from a restaurant in Panama and took me to an awesome bar to have drinks and then go out to the club nearby.

    It happened to be a celebratory night at the club for a mutual friend’s engagement party. We had the most amazing first date ever. We danced all night. In the middle of the night, he asked if he could tell me a secret – that this was ‘the best blind date he had ever gone on.’ I agreed.

    “Nobody else mattered anymore. I wanted to be with him every second I could.”

    From that night on, we saw each other every day for a week until I left. I knew from that moment that he was something special to me. Nobody else mattered anymore. I wanted to be with him every second I could. His humor and sarcasm swept me off my feet. I tell him every day that I cannot believe there has not been one day that I have not cracked up since the day I met him. My advice to single ladies is find a man who makes you laugh!”

    One Wednesday, after work, Eddie asked Clair if she’d like to go for a walk. She always asks him to join her for walks, so there was nothing out of the ordinary about the situation. Eddie led the way around the neighborhood, taking Clair to a corner where he had decorated a tree with roses. As soon as Clair saw the roses in and around the tree, she knew what was about to happen. On impulse, Clair hugged Eddie the moment he knelt down on one knee, without so much as a glance at the ring.

    The couple thoroughly enjoyed their wedding planning experience. Despite it being a “COVID wedding” and having to limit themselves in certain aspects, it was a pleasure to work with such talented wedding designers as Jassi & Co Creative. The wedding restrictions also allowed them to be more creative and “go all out” in other ways.

    “Jassi and Jennifer are the most creative people I have ever met,” Clair states. “Every time I mentioned something I liked – like an art piece or a specific color – they would come up with the most creative ways to expose that interest as a wedding design object. It was incredible to see the work they do. For example, I told them I loved Haribo gummy bears. My seating chart was a table Jassi and Jennifer made from scratch, filled with hundreds of gummy bears! Who would have ever thought of that? As much as I did not know about flowers, Jassi really went above and beyond to show me how one flower can make such a difference in the ambiance of a room.

    The trees filled with candles in the venue created such a magical and dazzling feeling from day to night. The chuppah set the tone for that ‘wow’ moment as guests walked in. It was a bespoke handmade macrame structure that took a team of women weeks to sew by hand, and was filled with pampas grass, garden roses, peonies, and hydrangea. Every detail was thought out and planned to accommodate our tastes, interests, favorite foods, and colors. I am the type that loves bright colors, so if you see pictures from the wedding, you will notice the touches of bright colors everywhere. They make me so happy!”

    Clair and Eddie’s intimate Miami wedding had an artsy, Disco-ish, Tulum vibe. The music was on point, with Oscar Leal “really hitting the spot” with every song he played. While the guest list may have been smaller, the intricate details and custom décor made the celebration feel just as luxurious as any large-scale wedding. To this day, the couple still receive feedback from their guests, saying the food was incredible. With Clair and Eddie being true “foodies,” they went above and beyond to make sure their wedding menu was next level. Kosher catering can be difficult to perfect, but Natalie’s Catering came through, serving up kosher dishes that were absolutely delicious.

    “It is very hard to explain in words the feelings I felt as I walked down the aisle and saw the décor, my husband, my guests and my chuppah,” says the bride. “It was a burst of happiness that I cannot describe. It was the most amazing moment seeing what I had been working on with this great team come to life. I was truly high on life.”

    Two days later, the newlyweds went on a mini moon, staying at Casa Malca in Tulum. Their wedding décor was inspired by Casa Malca itself, so it was a wonderful way to keep their wedding celebration going. Five months later, they were able to enjoy their real honeymoon with an epic tour of the Maldives, Dubai, and a Safari in South Africa.

    “Words cannot explain this trip,” says Clair. “We laughed, ate, drank, enjoyed every minute of every day finding new cultures, new cousins, new beaches. Everything was a wonderful experience in its own paradise. I would return to Maldives in a second! Safari was incredible as well.”


    Planning, Floral & Event Design: Jassi & Co Creative, Miami, FL; Linens: Nüage Designs, Miami, FL; Wedding Dress: Carolina HerreraVideography: IgalMR Films, Coral Springs, FL; Photography: Marco Rojo, Madrid, Spain

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