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    Elizabeth and Ethan Schulman

    June 3, 2023 in New York, New York


    While many of today’s relationships may begin on a digital platform with a “swipe right,” Elizabeth and Ethan Schulman met on a Subway platform in NYC with the swipe of a metro card. It was May 4, 2014, and Elizabeth had recently moved to the city just two months earlier to start a new job in the fashion industry.

    A New York City Meet Cute

    “We met during our early morning commutes on the downtown number 4 Express train,” she shares. “Ethan first saw me on the subway platform, whereas I remained engrossed in a book. He expressed intrigue at my unwavering focus, even to the point of not lifting my gaze to board the train, as if I navigated the world around me through sheer instinct. However, this veneer of effortlessness vanished minutes later when the train's jostling caused me to stumble. Apparently, two months in the city was not enough time to have honed my ‘train legs.’ Lucky for me, Ethan was there to break my fall. It played out like a scene from a romantic comedy.”

    The couple’s New York City meet cute led to them exchanging introductions and sharing tidbits about themselves while waiting for their respective stops. Elizabeth assumed it’d be a temporary encounter with a stranger, but Ethan had other ideas.

    “As I prepared to say our final good-byes,” Elizabeth describes, “Ethan made the offer to show me around the city. I entered my phone number into his cell just as the subway doors began to part – it was his station. Stepping onto the platform, he turned back and uttered, ‘I'll call you’ – then the subway doors closed. Little did I know, the kindness of a stranger would change our lives forever.”

    A New Year’s Eve Engagement in East Hampton

    The engagement took place on New Year’s Eve in 2021, when Ethan proposed at Main Beach in East Hampton – a significant location for the couple.

    “As Ethan and I strolled along the beach, reminiscing about our relationship,” Elizabeth describes, “he knelt on one knee, and time blurred. I was in such shock that I even forgot to put on the ring, gripping it delicately instead. Overwhelmed with joy, I dropped to my knees to join him, responding with a resounding ‘Yes!’”

    Their friends and family, who disguised themselves as joggers, captured the proposal before ushering them to a decorated table with flowers and champagne for a private celebration. Everyone else waited for the newly engaged couple back at their house for more celebrations with another surprise from Ethan – a private chef from Eleven Madison.

    “In essence,” Elizabeth adds, “Ethan's meticulously crafted proposal, interwoven with personal history, friends, and thoughtful touches, vividly encapsulated the depth of our relationship. I had never felt more special than I did in that moment – at least not until our wedding day!”

    An Upper East Side Wedding at The Lotos Club

    The couple decided to host an Upper East Side wedding at The Lotos Club, located on the corner of 66th and 5th Avenue across from Central Park. Getting married in Manhattan was the best way to honor their New York City meet cute-turned love story, so they began their wedding planning process with selecting the perfect venue.

    “We scouted over 45 venues, none of which harmonized with our distinct individual styles,” Elizabeth explains. “My aesthetic leaned towards modern, industrial chic, while Ethan favored classic New York charm. Stepping into The Lotos Club instantly took my breath away. Unlike typical private clubs in Manhattan, The Lotos Club exuded intimacy, softness, and femininity. The grand foyer's warmth, marked by an ornate spiral staircase, welcomed guests onto three levels with intricate woodwork, paintings, and classical literature. I realized that with a delicate touch and a minimalist approach, we could draw out the club's intrinsic beauty, bridging our distinct styles as a couple.

    Regarding inspiration, The Lotos Club's natural allure became our focal point, though we journeyed through various design directions before settling. Opting against a wedding planner, I sought complete creative control, given my background as a graphic designer. Through self-critique, we streamlined the design around a central element: the elegant soft pink curtains in the dining room. We adopted a clean yet soft approach. Subdued pinks, caramels, and pale yellows played off the venue's warmth. Floral motifs persisted in every design aspect, from custom monograms to escort cards and menu designs.”

    Classical musicians performed “skillfully presented modern adaptations” throughout the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour, which culminated in a tranquil, two-hour seated dinner before the newlyweds shared their first dance.

    “Our wedding was an absolute dream,” says the bride. “It is often remarked that one's wedding day passes by in an instant, and we have now grasped the depth behind those words. However, it was the immeasurable support and love bestowed upon us by our cherished friends, family, and the esteemed Lotos Club that rendered this day truly unforgettable. Not a single mishap can be recounted, for it was the presence of those who hold the utmost significance in our lives that flawlessly orchestrated this momentous occasion, making it a day we will cherish forever.”

    A Honeymoon in St. Barts

    On the Monday after their wedding, the newlyweds departed for a honeymoon in St. Barts where they stayed at the beachfront hotel, Cheval Blanc.

    “The tranquility of our surroundings allowed us to unwind after such an exciting moment in our lives,” Elizabeth reflects. “On our first night, the hotel organized a private five-course candle lit dinner on the beach where we enjoyed our evening watching the sunset. We spent most of our stay drinking and eating our way through St. Barts. Undoubtedly, we could not have chosen a more beautiful destination to honor our first moments as husband and wife.”


    Location: Lotos Club, New York, NY; Floral & Event Design: Ariston Flowers; Cake: A Little Cake; Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai; Second Dress: Amsale; Bridal Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal; Bridal Shoes: Bella Belle; Hair & Makeup: Beauty Icon; Groom’s Attire: Ralph Lauren Purple Label; Invitations: Bride, printed at Laughing Owl Press; Entertainment: Elegant Music Group, 4 Artist Management; Favors: Ladurée; Photography: Ricky Rodriguez Photography

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