• Photography By:

    Arte De Vie


    May 10, 2018. Paris, France

    One night in Texas, Audra Kurtz met Jordan Haddock at a local dancehall called Hurricane Harry’s. “A week prior to meeting him, I was actually on a date with a different guy who was really excited about buying ‘cowboy things’ like cowboy boots and a cowboy hat,” Audra recalls. “I told him some places he could find good boots and all things western, but I told him, ‘Whatever you do, don’t buy a sparkly belt like that guy,’ and pointed at Jordan who was out on the dance floor. Little did I know I would actually meet Jordan a few short days later, not knowing he was the ‘sparkly belt guy’ and that he would one day be my husband! We still laugh about it today.”

    Jordan and Audra instantly clicked. “He’s like my mirror image,” Audra shares. “I call him my missing puzzle piece. We enjoy a lot of the same hobbies and our humor is totally in sync to the point of laughing till we cry and making the same joke at the same time. I loved everything about him; but I think I really knew Jordan was the one for me when he finally met my son. They were best buddies and I saw just how much he loved him like his own, without reservation.”


    Most years during New Year’s Eve, the couple attended a party with one of Audra’s best friends and her husband, dressing to the nines, playing casino games, and dancing the night away. In 2017, Jordan popped the question during the party, right at the stroke of midnight. During the countdown, Audra turned around to give her then-boyfriend his New Year’s kiss when she realized he was down on one knee.

    “We waited almost a year and a half before we finally tied the knot,” says Audra. “We decided we wanted a small ceremony, with just family, so we could take a longer honeymoon. Nothing fancy and no stress of planning a huge wedding. Since we’re both Texas A&M University alumni, we decided to get married under The Century Tree on our alma mater’s campus. It just seemed fitting since we are both second and third generation Aggies.

    A few days after their nuptials, the newlyweds jetted off to Europe for an epic honeymoon adventure. For two weeks, they traveled throughout Paris, Prague, and Budapest. “It was definitely a once in a lifetime trip,” Audra reflects. “Our most memorable experience was taking our wedding portraits while we were in Paris. While the rest of Paris slept, we took our portraits in the beautiful early morning light. It was as if we had Paris all to ourselves.”


    Photography: Arte De Vie, Paris, France

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