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    The Day by Ira Lippke


    January 12, 2019. New York, New York

    Cassandra Siegel and Alex Neubauer’s love story began on Hinge. “It was the end of summer and Cass was out of town, but we happened to be up early on a Saturday at the same time,” Alex recalls. “I remember thinking how happy I was to be chatting with her. When she got back to the city, I mustered up the courage to ask her to ‘share foods’ on a Thursday in August. 

    We met at Acme and had dinner seated at the bar which, at the time, I thought was fun and casual. I learned later in our relationship that the bar seating almost ruined my chances altogether; but lucky for me, Cass decided to stay. Dinner was fantastic and I remember feeling an odd combination of intense comfort and overwhelming excitement to be in the company of such a wonderful woman.”


    “Alex has taught me so much about love – what it means to be in love with someone and want to share your life with them,” Cassandra adds. “He has taught me how to be a true partner in life and love. More than anything, Alex has taught me the value of patience and helping each other grow into the best people we can be.”

    Fast forward to the wedding day, when two of Cassandra’s best friends slept over the night before. “I woke up to the two jumping over me on the bed, blasting ‘Going to the Chapel of Love’ and singing along,” says the bride. “It was truly the best wakeup I didn’t even know I needed. My very next thought after that was, ‘FINALLY!!!!’ I was just so excited for every second of the day and I couldn’t believe it had finally arrived.”

    As an extra special touch, the couple’s two Australian Shepherds, Skyy and Odie, were included in the wedding ceremony and served as the perfect “Ring Barkers.” Knowing Cassandra’s love of surprises, her family made sure to indulge her with several special moments throughout the wedding day. 

    At the end of their ceremony, the opening words to ‘All You Need is Love’ started being sung, followed by various musicians chiming in, seated among the guests. Eventually, a choir joined in and the bride realized her mother had recreated her favorite scene from Love, Actually.

    The following reception took place at the iconic Pierre Hotel in NYC, which provided a grand and luxurious space for an all-night celebration. During the wedding planning process, Cassandra had envisioned a winter wonderland-inspired ambiance, saying, “I wanted to really take it to the next level. For me, walking into that ballroom was like stepping into a dreamy, wintery universe where everything looked like it was kissed by ice and floating on a snowy floor.”


    Location and Catering: The Pierre, a Taj Hotel New York, NY; Wedding Dress: Oscar de la Renta