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    January 18, 2020. Miami Beach, FL

    Myspace had just come out. Marti Satnick, a 13-year-old girl at the time, was home alone eating some frozen yogurt when she came across a video of two boys and two girls dancing the salsa at her soon-to-be new high school, Dwight-Englewood. One of the boys was super cute, but she was too afraid to message him. Marti's mom told her that she had actually met that cute boy in Miami before, when she was around 10-years-old eating at Barton G, a delicious restaurant in Miami.

    A few months later, in the Fall of 9th Grade, Marti was sitting with her new girlfriends at lunch when one of them told her, "One of the older boys asked about you.” Her heart suddenly dropped. “His name is Adam Schwartz.”


    As a sophomore at Dwight-Englewood in 2007, Adam and his friends soon realized that the girls their age only wanted to hang out with the older guys, so Adam and his friends were excited for a new younger group of girls to come on to the scene. Adam remembers seeing Marti walking up and down the hallway but was always too shy to talk to her. Adam mentioned Marti's name to one of his girlfriends to see if Marti would be willing to go to the school dance with him. Marti accepted Adam’s invite to the school dance – a decision that would change her life forever.

    Marti and Adam suddenly hit it off and dated all throughout high school, until it was time for Adam to go to Penn for college. Marti was still a senior at Dwight. The two mutually decided to break apart, realizing that if it were meant to be, they’d find a way back to each other. Even though they weren’t officially dating in college, the two still traveled together, went for dinner, and even went to each other’s college formals. It was impossible for them to be apart. After Marti graduated college, the two shortly got back together, as they had been talking all throughout Marti's senior year. Two years and many date nights after, Marti and Adam moved in together.

    In March 2019, Marti and Adam were on a family trip with Marti's family traveling through Japan. To Marti’s surprise, on the last day of the two-week trip, Adam got on his knee in the middle of the bamboo forest in Kyoto. Adam later told Marti that out of all the places they had visited on their trip, the bamboo forest was the perfect place for him to propose to her because bamboo symbolizes strength, growth, flexibility and longevity; bamboo bends, but it doesn't break.

    When planning a wedding, Marti and Adam only wanted to get married in Miami, where they first met, and a place where the two frequent with friends and family. They decided to get married at the St. Regis Bal Harbour since it was an elegant and modern venue with a cool vibe. During the wedding planning process, Adam was busy working in finance and Marti was busy working as a lawyer, so the two left the wedding planning mostly up to Marti’s mom, Debbie Satnick.

    Debbie has a history of party planning and they always knew that they could leave their wedding in her hands with no detail overlooked. 

    Because they decided on a destination wedding in Miami, Debbie felt that she needed "boots on the ground" and hired Guerdy Abraia to plan and execute what was the most magical weekend they could ever dream of.

    The wedding weekend began on Friday with a welcome Shabbat dinner for all 300 guests. What they didn't know or plan for, was the night becoming a dance party that lasted past what the noise ordinance was for outdoor events in Bal Harbour. The energy created that Friday night set the tone for the rest of the weekend to follow. Marti and Adam attribute their Friday night party to their amazing DJ, Gil Fux, who they flew in from Israel for their special weekend.

    On the wedding day, guests were greeted with signature cocktails with the bride and groom's face on each glass. They found their seating on a beautiful plexiglass wall which was custom-made, using the St. Regis cabanas as backdrops back lit with an abundance of pink orchids. The chuppah was floating with Lucite columns and hanging white orchids that swayed in the soft wind. Both the bride and groom wrote incredible vows to each other, but Marti unleashed a surprise to Adam under the chuppah. When the two were in high school, Adam wrote a card to Marti for Valentine's Day, which she kept in her nightstand for 12 years. The card says, "Marti, hold on to this card. As long as you have it, my heart belongs to you. Put it in a safe place. Take good care of my heart, it is in your hands now. Please don't break it and it's yours to keep."

    Marti then shared with Adam, holding the card in her hand, "Since the day you gave this to me I’ve always done what you said and kept it safe and today as I stand before you, about to become your wife, I vow to continue to protect your heart, to care for you and to love you no matter what."


    Location, Catering & Cake: The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort Miami Beach, FL; Planning: Guerdy Design, Miami Beach, FL; Floral Design: Tantawan Bloom New York, NY; Wedding Dress: Monique LhuillierGroom’s Attire: Brioni TuxRentals: Decora Event Rentals Miami, FL

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