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  • Djamila Celina Melcherts Snelders’ stylish oceanside wedding at Purobeach Illetas in Mallorca, Spain


  • Photography By:

    Jacob van Rozelaar


    August 28, 2018 in Mallorca, Spain

    “Ours is a crazy love story,” says Djamila Celina Melcherts Snelders. The famously pink-haired DJ, model and reality TV star from the Netherlands was in Mallorca with friends when she was introduced to Johannes Henricus Petrus Snelders Melcherts. “He was the complete package,” says Djamila. “I knew from the first moment that he was the love of my life.” Not wishing to waste time, they moved in together the next day and have barely been separated since.

    Less than a year after they met, Johannes planned a trip for them. They went to four destinations in four days, jetting from Amsterdam to Rome to Barcelona and finally Ibiza. “Every time we traveled to a new place, Johannes gave me a present,” explains Djamila. Each gift box contained a different cut of diamond ring and a poem written by Johannes celebrating the word engraved on its band—soul mates, magic, love and queen.


    Not satisfied with this grand gesture, Johannes had more in store. In Ibiza, he booked an entire club so they could dine alone. He walked Djamila out onto the beach where he nervously tried three times to get out his rehearsed proposal. Finally, he gave up and dropped to one knee. She said, “Yes,” while they both dissolved into happy tears.

    Soon after, they moved to Mallorca, where she discovered Purobeach Illetas. The new beach club had stunning views of the ocean and Djamila determined that hers would be the first wedding held there. “We decided to limit the guest list to include our closest friends and family,” explains Djamila, who sent invitations to people from Holland, Germany and Africa.

    The ceremony, held on a spit of land jutting into the ocean, was officiated by her friend of 30 years, who had come to know Johannes well. Djamila’s romantically sensual couture gown featured a dramatic train, while Johannes’ suit (with matching shorts for later) sported an iridescent shimmer and a portrait of the bride on the jacket lining.

    As the bridal party came down the aisle, music was provided by friend Ben Saunders, who won The Voice talent show in Holland, along with a Gospel choir. Playfully rewritten vows included, “For rich and for richer, in health and healthier, and for sushi and champagne.” The last pairing is a tongue in cheek nod to their nicknames, which reference what they have for lunch everyday to honor their good fortune.

    For Johannes, their first kiss as newlyweds was certainly special. Curious boaters, who had gathered offshore to watch the proceedings, blew their air horns in a cacophony of congratulations. “Our guests were clapping, there were people screaming, and the horns from the boats made the moment memorable,” he says.

    Afterwards, the bride and groom filled a tower of champagne glasses with their favorite Möet champagne, which flowed throughout the entire reception. “We didn’t serve beer or wine, just champagne,” says Djamila.

    During the five-course al fresco dinner, friends of Johannes treated guests to a literal “A to Z” list about the bride and groom. “The guys all wore pink wigs and were funny and emotional,” says Djamila. Nevertheless, the couple was so happy when it was over that they blasted the men with a champagne shower. Other entertainment included a drag queen singing traditional music from the Netherlands, friends serenading the couple and a DJ.

    Throughout the reception, Djamila and Johannes had eyes only for each other. “We danced the entire evening and were so into each other that we barely saw anyone else,” she says.

    A pleasure trip to Mauritius before the wedding preempted a honeymoon after. However, several months later, the two took a spur-of-the-moment honeymoon. After checking into where they could find the best weather, they headed to Dubai to relax, sun and shop.

    The couple was separated for the first time since they met for a stint on Holland’s Celebrity Wife Swap. Since then, Djamila has declared that all further TV shows will be shot in their own home, where they will remain side-by-side.


    Wedding Dress:  Galia Lahav