• Photography By:

    Fred Marcus

    Rachel Altheim & Robby Tobin

    December 18, 2021 in New York, NY

    Rachel Altheim and Robby Tobin met during their freshman year at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Robby was perusing the welcome week crowd of freshman year looking for “cute girls,” when he was summoned by Rachel’s dad to please come help set things up in her dorm room. 

    He happily helped out and, from that point on, Robby and Rachel hit the ground running during their first few months at IU. Four years of an off-and-on relationship led to a more serious relationship once they graduated.

    The couple moved to NYC together a couple years later and were engaged shortly after. Their engagement too place at Aunt Jakes in Greenwich Village. Rachel thought she was attending a family birthday dinner and was completely surprised when she was led up to the private room of the restaurant, which was decorated with flowers and photos, and Robby was on one knee.

    They planned the wedding for June 20th, 2020, at Cipriani South Street in NYC. At the time of picking their venue, their biggest concern was whether or not it would be completed, as it was under construction and set to open in the Winter of 2020. Things took a turn when the pandemic struck in March, three months before their wedding date. Now, their biggest concern was whether the wedding would happen at all.

    Rachel and Robby immediately pushed the wedding back a couple of months to August 2020. Shortly after, as the pandemic only continued to worsen, they made the decision to push the wedding date back again to June 2021. These decisions were very tough and the two were crushed to have had to push their wedding out a whole year. Ultimately, they decided that regardless of the state of the world, they would still get married on their original wedding date and have a celebration with all their family and friends at a later date.

    The bride and groom tied the knot surrounded by their immediate families in person and friends over Zoom at Robby’s childhood home in Melville, New York. It was the most beautiful, magical and intimate night they never knew they wanted. Unfortunately, although the pandemic was easing, restrictions in NYC during June 2021 forced Rachel and Robby to reschedule their wedding celebration for a couple more months later. Four wedding dates later and a ton of ups and downs in between, Robby and Rachel had the most gorgeous wedding celebration with almost all their family and friends on December 18th, 2021.

    Two days later, the married pair were off to Saint Lucia for a well-deserved ten days of relaxation on the beach. 


    Location: Cipriani South Street, New York, NY; Planner: Amy Katz Events, New York, NY; Event Design: Tantawan Bloom, New York, NY; Honeymoon Destination: Saint Lucia; Photography: Fred Marcus, New York, NY

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