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    Brett Matthews Photograph

    Amanda Contillo & Forest Tym

    September 21, 2015 in Sands Point, New York

    Amanda Contillo and Forest Tym have spent ten years together, first meeting as juniors during their college days at CU Boulder. As their relationship grew, the two developed a mutual passion for the outdoors and Forest realized he wanted to spend every moment with Amanda.

    “Whether we were backpacking, snowboarding, fishing, or traveling, the only person I wanted to make absolutely sure was there, was Amanda,” he says.


    The couple’s favorite activity together was traveling–seeking new experiences and cultures with every opportunity, with an insatiable wanderlust. When Forest decided he wanted to propose, popping the question during an adventure was the natural choice. For six months before their engagement in Peru, he worked with local guides to have red roses flown into Machu Picchu and arranged for a special proposal to take place while hiking Huayna Picchu.

    “As Amanda and I descended from our summit, we passed the second and only other trekking group allowed for the day,” Forest explains. “As each member of the group passed, they handed a red rose to my soon-to-be-fiancé. With each rose, her suspicion grew; and by the time we reaching the bottom of the mountain, she could no longer contain her tears–either because she knew the proposal was coming, or because of the weight of the 50 red roses she was holding while she hiked. At the bottom of the mountain, I told her she was the only person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. (of course, she had already been the light of my life for some time)”

    With Larry Scott as their wedding planner, Forest and Amanda enjoyed a seamless wedding planning process. From the flowers to the rest of the wedding décor, the couple was beyond thrilled as they watched their wedding vision come to life.

    “Larry takes clear pride in what he does; and this, combined with his taste and experience, is invaluable,” Forest adds. “Because we were able to develop such a high level of trust in Larry, we could truly pass some of the burden of the details to him and know that everything would turn out perfectly.”

    When the big day arrived, the bride and groom’s expectations were completely surpassed. For the décor, an art deco aesthetic was selected as the theme, as they wanted a Great Gatsby-inspired reception. Chandeliers hung from scaffolding and bushes that were brought in, turning a blank entrance into a grand entryway. A beautiful 1920s-style lounge was also incorporated into the dance area, which kept guests near the dance floor.

    “Thanks to Larry, we were able to glide through our wedding day and spend our energy and time exactly how we wanted to–celebrating with our loved ones and each other,” says Forest.


    Location: Private Estate, Sands Point, NY; Floral and Event Design, Planner and Cake: Lawrence Scott Events Hicksville, NY; Linen: Table Wraps, Jericho, NY; Entertainment: Hank Lane Music and Productions, New York, NY