• Photography By:

    Sergio Sandoná Photography


    November 29, 2019 in Valle Guadalupe, Mexico

    An Intimate Destination Wedding in Valle Guadalupe, Mexico

    Valeria del Rey and Carlos Andreu knew of each other long before they officially met. Carlos’s cousin is Valeria’s father’s godson, and their families are very good friends. Purely by chance, the two finally met face to face while studying in Washington, DC and being in the same International Business class.

    “My initial impression of Carlos was that he was very handsome, quiet, organized, smart, and an introvert,” Valeria recalls. “I'm, on the other hand, the complete opposite so I was definitely intrigued to get to know him more.”


    “Wedding planning was actually easier than I thought it would be,” says Emily. “I had the best wedding planner, which made everything seamless. I enjoyed the process, so everything that had to be done was a pleasure to do. I didn’t become a Bridezilla, I am proud to say! It was important for me to stay relaxed and to be ok with things not going the way I wanted. Plan B can turn out better than Plan A. But come wedding day, we were both nervous. The morning was long and tiring, and the evening was a blur. The ceremony was the best part. It felt so natural, like we were doing what we were meant to do. Walking down the aisle with my father and then being given away to my husband was incredibly emotional.”

    The wedding décor theme was a blend of French garden and lounge inspirations. Emily and Souren wanted an elegant, yet comfortable atmosphere that highlighted the beautiful table settings, flowers, and ballroom details.

    “The flowers were my favorite,” the bride adds. “I knew we were in good hands with Eddie, so during our meetings I really felt so comfortable with any direction he wanted to go in. He is a true artist! I saw my flowers for the first time when the doors opened to the church and I began walking down the aisle. My dad and I just looked around in amazement at how stunning the arrangements were. It was like sunshine. One of our favorite moments was having Super Sako, a popular Armenian rapper, perform. It was so cool to see everyone’s reactions when he got up on stage. It was like being at a concert.”

    For their honeymoon, the newlyweds traveled to Marbella, Spain, where they spent time swimming, laying out in the sun, eating local cuisine, and simply enjoying each other’s company.


    Photography: Sergio Sandoná Photography, Amsterdam, Netherlands