• Photography By:

    Anna Schmidt

    Yasmin Fallahkhair & William Broder

    July 10, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland

    Despite growing up minutes away from one another, Yasmin Fallahkhair and William Broder’s paths never crossed until one fateful day in 2011 when a mutual friend introduced them. Yasmin instantly fell for William’s witty humor and charisma, appreciating his natural ability to light up a room with ease. William was smitten with Yasmin’s charm, kindness, and above all else, beauty.

    After forming a strong friendship over common interests in music, food, and leisure, Yasmin and William took the next step and began officially dating in 2012. Over the years, Yasmin and William supported one another through moments of personal growth and professional opportunity. 

    “Their families grew close and began to love one another, with Yasmin’s family introducing William’s to their Persian culture and William’s sharing their Jewish traditions in return.”

    Their families grew close and began to love one another, with Yasmin’s family introducing William’s to their Persian culture and William’s sharing his Jewish traditions in return. As life and the people around them continued to evolve and explore, Yasmin and William knew they had found their soulmates and that “forever” had already begun for them. 

    The engagement was a magical one, taking place in February 2019. Expecting a casual date night out, Yasmin was surprised when a limo adorned in red roses and balloons picked them up. On each of the balloons was an expression of love, written in Farsi – a language spoken by Yasmin and her family. A playlist of their favorite love songs was the soundtrack of the evening, as they drove around Washington, DC, drinking champagne and basking in the moments that brought them to this night.

    Eventually, William got down on one knee and proposed, with “At Last” by Etta James playing in the background. A dinner with their parents followed, and a party with friends and family afterwards continued through the night. The next morning, William and Yasmin left to celebrate their engagement in Mexico, falling deeper in love with each taco and tequila shot shared. 

    Wedding planning was a joy for the couple, as it brought their two families closer together than ever before. Yasmin worked tirelessly with her mother and mother-in-law to put together a glamorous black-tie event that embraced both cultures and reflected the unity of their families.

    When the day arrived, the ambiance of the wedding was exactly what the bride and groom had hoped for – ethereal, elegant, and romantic. Stunning white and blush roses adorned the Jewish Chuppah while the Persian Sofreh shined with crystal and gold accessories. Special moments like the Jewish Ketubah signing and Hora were married with a Persian knife dance that led to the cutting of their wedding cake.

    Their first dance, to ‘At Last’ by Etta James, brought the couple back to the day they decided to be together forever. On a beautiful summer night in Baltimore, Yasmin and William’s love brought joy to the hearts of all the friends and family members who had watched their relationship grow over the last ten years.


    Location: The Belvedere, Baltimore, MD; Floral Design: Wicked Willow, Baltimore, MD; Sofreh: Wed Chic, Washington, DC; Cake: Classic Bakery Cinematographer: Paperboys, Washington, DC; Photography: Anna Schmidt Photography, Washington, DC