Cakes: Fine Cakes By Zehra; Photography: L’Atelier Lumiere International Photographie; Wardrobe Stylist: Ines Di Santo; Concept, Design & Art Direction: Jarar Kazmi

Dessert tables always look better when displaying a stunning wedding cake scape designed by Zehra Khan of Fine Cakes By Zehra. In this styled shoot, photographed and created by L’Atelier Lumiere International Photographie, wedding cakes take center stage with a rich fuchsia palette as the backdrop; and it’s filled with sugary artistry and floral shop dreams.

Inspired by the quintessential Parisian floral shop, flowers provide everything needed to transform a single tabletop into a fantasy world. Imagine being surrounded by vibrant colors and taking in the perfume of luscious blooms. It’s an ambiance perfectly suited for couples who want to create their own wonderland of romance and botanical beauty.

For the wedding cakes, Zehra has delicately and meticulous handcrafted sugar flowers to adorn her exquisitely marbled, multi-tiered confections. The angular borders add a more structured effect, also subtly alluding to the windows of a floral shop. To round out the dessert table, French macrons and gilded donuts for a decadent touch. Behind the table, a canopy of vivid flowers frame a vintage fuchsia phone booth and heritage vessels, also filled with the freshest florals.