MY Event Design Creative Director, Majeda Kassir Bisharat, took the popular theme of garden inspired weddings and completely turned it upside down… literally. Due to the number of guests that needed to be accommodated in a space that would otherwise be too tight, Majeda took it upon herself to come up with a “Vertical Garden” décor scheme for the big day.

As guests took their first step inside the ballroom, it was like they had entered a secret garden – one that was lush but tamed and finely trimmed. It was like a scene out of a fairytale ending, where the prince finally gets to celebrate his union with his princess. But there was no ending here; this was just the beginning.

Large lampshades were installed in the ceiling and completely covered with oak leaves to resemble a finely trimmed tree hanging upside down. Garland was installed to hang loosely down the ceiling resembling that which you will find in beautiful greenhouses. 

Beautiful crystal chandeliers came down as if they were part tree, part lighting fixture, all hidden within a ceiling of lush greenery. The vertical garden also featured exquisite white Vanda orchids with exposed roots, which were installed above the dance floor to imitate the majestic raindrops in an Amazonian rainforest.

The walls of the ballroom magnificently set the tone for the set and scenery of the event. As with any vertical garden theme, Majeda understood the importance of incorporating a lot of moss within the space, so as to completely immerse the guests in the experience. The walls were covered with strips of vintage moss, which were accentuated by the neighboring mirrored walls that beautifully reflected the ambience with rows of white tapered candles.

The other side of the ballroom was overwhelmed with large screens that demonstrated the visuals of the most beautifully lush gardens from all over the world. The LED screens were suitably used to add a sense of depth to the space. To further exaggerate the feeling of being in a vertical garden, guests could gaze at the lush and artistic floral installation that extended to cover the length of the ballroom wall. The arrangement included dried and preserved flowers, white anthurium, white baby’s breath, green asparagus leaves, Spanish moss, green amaranths, white Phalaenopsis, and white Vanda orchids. These installations truly provided an enchanting feeling to the room, providing stunning texture and depth to each and every piece.

Guests ended up forgetting that they were celebrating the night in a ballroom. Instead, they were in a wonderland of Mother Nature, thanks to its lush surroundings. 

Event Design, Planning and Styling: MY Event Design by Majeda Kassir Bisharat; Photography: Dazl Production