Majeda Kassir Bisharat, the Creative Director of MY Event Design, created a moody and modern celebration featuring black wedding décor that would take guests on a journey resembling genuine love through the elements. 

The guest experience started with a tunnel that consisted of lined mirrors on each side, reflecting the depth of light coming from the white taper candlelit rows. Tens of beautiful purple orchid Vanda plants were hanging in line from the ceiling and cascading down the tunnel walls with their roots completely exposed to the guests – an ode to modern floral installation.

Once guests reached the ballroom, they were met with an overwhelming feeling of sharp contrasting colors of the black wedding décor and white accents. Large screens, some uniquely taking honeycomb shapes, lined the surrounding walls. Most notably, the floral arch installation created for the bride groom’s grand entrance took center stage. The golden wall candelabras that that were overwhelmed with textured natural elements of flowers, dried and preserved flowers, green leaves and wool thread were also a true spectacle.

Even though guests did see these sharp contrasts, it was anything but harsh. Instead, the assortment of round and long tables occupied the modern space and served as a base for the varied lush floral arrangements. Arrangements included a mix of hydrangeas, Vanda orchid stem, anthurium and tulips that that truly filled the reception space, providing a sense of warmth and purity for the occasion.

The ballroom was also leveled to define one part of the space with lounges. The beautiful velvet and African-inspired furniture in this section was specifically made for the younger guests to enjoy an area that was somewhat separated, alluding to the youthfulness of the couple. A large velvet green sectional was placed under the honeycomb screens and spanned the whole wall. 

In front of it were small wooden ottoman tables that were adorned with warm hues of green, orange and purple tassels. This was the area that was reserved for color, which reflected the couple's adventurous side, and one that paid homage to the wild and unbreakable heart.

Event Design, Planning and Styling: MY Event Design by Majeda Kassir Bisharat; Photography: Dazl Production