For decades, Boca By Design has been elevating wedding experiences with their beautiful blooms and floral designs. As the premiere wedding florist in South Florida, the team is comprised of several talented individuals who work closely with couples and wedding venues to ensure a seamless wedding celebration with bespoke details. Carlos Marquez, the team’s Special Events Designer, shares more about Boca By Design and their approach to creating floral designs for luxury weddings. 

GO: What is your favorite part of the event design process?

A: My favorite part of the event design process, besides the actual “designing,” is getting to know the bride and groom during our first meeting. This is when I get to know them personally, their story, where they met, where they live, etc. I get to discover what exactly they are envisioning for their wedding day; or, if they are clueless on what to do, this is the moment when we collectively discuss all the different ideas, colors, and trends. We also look at pictures and wedding magazines to get more inspired to create a look for the wedding.

GO: How would you suggest a couple narrow down their wedding décor theme or aesthetic if they can’t decide between several different ideas?

A: If the couple can’t decide between several ideas, I will suggest narrowing it down to the wedding theme or style that they would like to have such as elegant, modern, classic, rustic, or vintage. We will look through magazines, pictures, and previous weddings that I have done to show them all the endless possibilities we have to choose from, so we can design the perfect wedding for them.

GO: What are some design or décor principles you apply to every wedding you do?

A: Some of the design principles I like to incorporate are movement, proportion, contrast, alignment, and balance. Of course, I will take into consideration the venue and surroundings to create the design for the wedding. When designing a wedding, I like to create tall centerpieces if the ceilings are tall. Besides tall centerpieces, depending on the size of the wedding, I do prefer to create different looks from low to tall, creating different dimensions throughout the room.

GO: Do you have any favorite go-to suppliers for certain flowers or décor pieces?

A: I do not have a favorite go-to supplier for certain flowers or décor pieces, as we are in South Florida where we could work with so many farms/distributors and suppliers. It always depends on the event needs. Sometimes we don’t even have to go to a supplier, because of our location and our gardens here on our property – sometimes we have what we need right outside the door, meaning foliage, tropical flowers, and palm trees.

GO: How can couples and their designers use décor elements to create an immersive experience for guests?

A: The Couples and their designers can create an immersive experience by using special illuminations with movement such as a laser show or lights during the dance part of the wedding, or giving away edible party favors such as a donut wall, Champagne wall, or a sundae bar. I can even be something as simple as a bride and groom specialty cocktail option at each bar.

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