The unspoken reality of a wedding is that all the hopes, dreams, anticipation and months of planning culminate in a whirlwind that is over in just a few hours. With expectations riding high for a celebration to lovingly remember for a lifetime, getting it right is everything. Goldi, of Ambiance by Goldi, values logistics and precision to make an event flow flawlessly, but more importantly, he orchestrates multi- dimensional experiences that touch the hearts of everyone involved.

The Israeli, with an international clientele, started as a designer, but soon wanted more. “I needed to be able to see the big picture and handle every element from napkin rings to entertainment,” says Goldi. “This is the only way to deliver a seamless event.”

Although Goldi’s clients understand the concept of a custom affair, his skill is in discovering what a bride and groom want to feel and what they want their guests to feel.

His guidance leads to a celebration as perfectly tailored to their dreams as a haute couture suit. “The moment I understand their emotions, it all opens up for me,” says Goldi, “and we become partners in creation.”

Hosting a function is a joint endeavor. Once Goldi makes sure his clients feel a deep emotional connection to the ambiance, he knows that they will be at ease, rising to the call of being “master” of their own celebration. His theory is that the right events bring out the best in everyone.

When it comes to artistry, Goldi prefers to avoid the obvious. His concepts spring to life after intimate conversations with each couple. He asks about where they “hang out,” where they vacation, which restaurants and hotels “on the planet” they visit. “I want to know what makes them happy, as a couple and as individuals, and that’s how I get to know them,” explains Goldi.

For a recent event, he recreated Positano, Italy, a location close to the couple’s heart. The fantasy was spun by appealing to the senses—hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting. Sun-drenched colors, the flavors of the region, music and native flowers evoked the essence of the town clinging to a hillside by the sea. There was no need for a signpost spelling out the name of the place.

Precision and logistical expertise are finely tuned, ensuring that every segment of a celebration serves it well. To keep guests engaged, Goldi orchestrates the pace and rhythm of each element. Knowing how long it takes to eat a first course, when to present the first dance and the right time to insert a video into the action are all a part of his finesse. He insists on having one member of his team assigned to each service provider. “I am the gatekeeper,” says Goldi. “I make sure nobody—not the DJ, not the caterer, not the band—is going to take the focus from my client and his guests.”

Goldi is acutely aware that he has one chance to make dreams come true. He gauges his level of success through comments from clients and guests. “For me, if someone says the event was just beautiful, I think I did it wrong,” says Goldi, “but the moment they talk to me of emotions, I know I’ve done it right. Those feelings are something they will carry with them forevermore.”

> Written by Francine Kaplan