Eddie Zaratsian, founder of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design, is a Los Angeles-based expert in high-end weddings and events. His creativity and unique vision make him a household name in the world of luxury floral design, and he has an ability to transform any space into a wonderland of glamour and fantasy. We asked him to share more about his work and design inspiration in an exclusive Q&A session below.

GO: How would you sum up your personal design style?
A: Abundant, elegant, and timeless.

GO: What prompted you to start a career in the wedding and event industry?
A: Before I began my design business, I was originally studying to become a chemist. I found myself infatuated with the production of movies and TV, and in a similar vein like chemistry, I understood that there was a formula to follow in order to create the final product. So, in a left turn that would eventually lead me to where I am today, I decided to pursue design.

I’ve always been a very visual person, so while it doesn’t seem like a natural career transition, it really was for me. I’m often dreaming of the space in my head before it’s reality, so the idea of creating larger-than-life events and working with florals was appealing. Bringing ideas to life is something that I love doing, and to do that for clients and friends is incredibly rewarding.

GO: What should couples expect when working with you?
A: I’m always looking to dream bigger than what the couple is dreaming for themselves. To me, the question is always, “How can I take their vision and make it even better? What can I add to this that they would never think to add themselves?” It’s always encouraged that the client be creative and come ready with fresh, organic ideas, and it’s my job to make those thoughts come to life.

GO: What are your favorite types of flowers or décor elements to use?
A: I like a lot of different layers and textures to create an aesthetic or a larger-than-life atmosphere. It’s not so much about a certain flower, but rather, what emotions you’re trying to evoke for the couple and their guests. Regardless of what the blooms are or what type of style the client wants to aim for, it’s all about execution and the way that you pull all of the elements together. It has to be cohesive and design-focused no matter what.

GO: What flowers or details mesh well with any type of wedding style?
A: Roses or orchids mesh well with anything – whether you’re looking for a classic style or something more contemporary and modern. There’s a vibrancy that both of these flowers have, and they’re both luxurious and timeless within their own right

GO: Where do you get your inspiration when creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements or wedding décor schemes?
A: Everywhere! From the couple themselves, from my travels and experiences, architecture, fashion – you name it. I don’t like to do the same design twice, so it’s important to me that I have creative and artistic outlets for inspiration. The visions of my clients are top priority when designing their event, but décor, colors, and design elements from my personal life give me the inspiration to make them even better.

GO: Are there any current trends you’re implementing into your weddings?
A: Avant-garde is continuing into 2020, with couples all wanting something different and otherworldly. This is especially the case with colors – I find that it’s crucial to keeping the timeless and classic feel of a wedding; but opting for an ethereal gradient or palette of moody hues can really take an event to the next level.

GO: Describe one of the best events you’ve designed.
A: I worked with Hermès in Hawaii for one of my favorite events I’ve ever designed. The atmosphere and theme were both tropical, but not in the traditional sense that one might imagine. There were layers upon layers of fruit-focused décor installations – complete with halved lemons and limes, whole pineapples, mangoes, plantains, and bananas. Among some of the foliage were lush palm leaves, ferns, and blooms of every bright color. To celebrate the collection of Hermès at the time, the venue was a sea of berry, peach, cardamom, watermelon, and geranium shades. Layering these textures and arrangements was so much fun, and it really tested my creativity