Planner & Event Design: Lisa Shaw Event Planning & Design Glendale, CA; Floral Design: Petals LA Glendale, CA; Photography: Rene Zadori Photography Pasadena, CA


Wedding ceremonies are arguably the most important event of a couple’s wedding day. Depending on the type of ceremony a couple chooses, some may last as little as 15 minutes; and yet, a wedding ceremony sets the tone for the entire celebration. With many couples and guests keeping the party going until the wee hours of the morning, a beautiful first impression is the perfect way to kick off celebrations on a high note. Nowadays, guests are often greeted with champagne and refreshments, or other small tokens to make their experience more memorable. Think parasols for sunny, outdoor wedding ceremonies, or custom tambourines for guests to shake after the couple says their “I do’s.” Then, after being seated, guests may take in the décor that ideally represents the couple and their unique style. By drawing inspiration from luxury weddings around the world, couples will discover a never-ending flow of ideas for wedding ceremony decorations and floral designs to provide a stunning backdrop for their nuptials.

Planner & Event Design: Lisa Shaw Event Planning & Design Glendale, CA; Floral Design: Petals LA Glendale, CA; Photography: Rene Zadori Photography Pasadena, CA

How to Decorate a Wedding Ceremony

Deciding how to decorate a wedding ceremony may or may not be a difficult step in the wedding planning process. There’s an infinite number of possibilities, but couples with a focused idea of the theme or ambiance they’d like to create may find it easier to narrow down their options. When meeting with their wedding planners and design team, they will address all the basic elements of wedding décor. Color palettes, furniture rentals, seating arrangements, flowers, location, religious or cultural aspects, and time of day are all important factors.

Location: EAST Miami Hotel Miami, FL; Planner & Event Design: Roxanne Bellamy & Co. Miami, FL; Floral & Event Design: Petal Productions Miami, FL; Rentals: Lavish Event Rentals, Bubble Design Rentals, Decora Event Rentals Miami, FL; Lighting: Evoga Event Productions Miami, FL; Photography: Imagery by Jules Photography Fort Lauderdale, FL

It is common for couples to choose a more traditional aesthetic for their wedding ceremonies and take a more modern approach to their reception – especially if the ceremony is being held in a place of worship. Outdoor celebrations have a lot more leeway for wedding ceremony decorations, as they tend to provide more space for décor structures or installations. Having a different aesthetic or theme for the wedding ceremony décor also allows a couple to showcase multiple facets of their personal style.

Location: Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach, FL; Planner: Ed Libby & Co. Events Hackensack, NJ; Floral & Event Design: Jassi & Co. Creative Miami, FL; Photography: Genevieve de Manio Photography Carlisle, MA

Alternatively, some may choose a cohesive design element that ties the wedding ceremony and reception together. This can be a floral element such as pampas grass or a specific color of orchid; a structural accent like pillars or dramatic arches; or even a geometric shape that is showcased in various ways throughout the décor.

Location: EAST Miami Hotel Miami, FL; Location: Cipriani South Street, New York, NY; Planner: Amy Katz Events New York, NY; Event Design: Tantawan Bloom New York, NY; Photography: Fred Marcus Studio New York, NY

Wedding Ceremony Decorations Outdoor

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are the most popular choice for couples who are tying the knot in a warm-weather setting. Bringing wedding ceremony decorations outdoors means designers can keep the décor relatively muted. When there’s an ocean or the looming red rocks of Sedona in the background, it doesn’t take much to emphasize the natural beauty of the ceremony location. However, outdoor wedding ceremonies also provide space for couples and designers to think big.

Planner: BTS Event Management Phoenix, AZ; Floral & Event Design: Aria Vera Floral Los Cabos, Mexico; Rentals: Del Cabo Weddings San José del Cabo, Mexico; Photography: Jaimee Morse Scottsdale, AZ

Mirrored ceremony aisles and décor create an incredible effect outdoors, reflecting the sky and surroundings. Top planners and designers from Los Angeles to Santorini often use mirrored surfaces in their luxury wedding ceremony décor. A mirrored aisle reflected the stark, black arches of a ceremony created by Love It Events and Petals LA for a modern design scheme. Jassi & Co Creative in Florida teamed up with Ed Libby to create a stunning outdoor wedding ceremony setting with a mirrored chuppah covered in lavish florals. DW Events in Greece had a mirrored structure custom made, which reflected the rich blues of Santorini’s caldera. Los Angeles planner, Dee Lee Designs, also used a mirrored ceremony aisle for a fairytale wedding at Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach. The mirrored aisle served to make the floral décor by Enchanted Express even more dramatic, as it reflected the gorgeous floral arrangements and floral wall.

Planner &. Event Design: Aliana Events Los Angeles, CA; Rentals: Revelry Event Designers Los Angeles, CA; Linens: Nüage Designs Miami, FL; Photography: KLK Photography Irvine, CA

Lining a ceremony aisle is an enchanting touch to any wedding ceremony decorations, making a bride or groom look as if they’re walking through a field of flowers. It also creates a sense of intimacy in an otherwise wide open space. Flowers may also be used for the ceremony aisle itself, as luxury floral designer Eddie Zaratsian demonstrated with an outdoor wedding at Monarch Beach Resort. Using different colored flower petals, he created an ombre effect, which was a subtle way to add a pop of color to the all-white wedding ceremony decorations.

Location: Santorini Gem; Planner & Event Design: DW Events Konstantinos Deliporanidis; Floral Design: Flowery Santorini; Mirror Construction: Santorini Events; Furniture Rentals: Spicy Bites Catering Events; Hair & Makeup: Julia Popova; Dress: Primalicia Bridal Designers; Jewelry: Poniros Jewellery; Groom’s Suit: Takis Giannetos; Photography: Vangelis Photography Santorini, Cyclades

Colorful weddings are extra vibrant when paired with a sunny day. All-white wedding ceremonies, however, are timeless. Whether a ceremony is being held in a Carmel Valley garden or on a beach in Mexico, the monochromatic color palette is effortlessly elegant. Acrylic ghost chairs and décor are chic and modern, providing a clean foundation for florals to shine through. BTS Event Management and Aria Vera Floral designed an immaculate, oceanfront wedding ceremony with an acrylic chuppah covered in white roses and baby’s breath. The juxtaposition between the luxury wedding ceremony decorations and rugged, coastal setting was perfection and provides ample inspiration for future destination weddings.

Location: Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club Dana Point, CA; Floral & Event Design: Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design Los Angeles, CA

Wedding Ceremony Decorations Indoor

Indoor wedding ceremonies have a special appeal to them. If the venue is an historic building, there may be unique architectural features to tie into the design scheme. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide guests with the same views and scenic beauty of the outdoors, but without the worry of imperfect weather. Wedding ceremony décor for indoor spaces can also be incredibly transformative, as the enclosed room makes guests feel as if they’re in a completely different world.

Planner & Event Design: LV Event Designs Miami, FL; Photography: Vera Franceschi

To create a winter wonderland, wedding planner Amy Katz and floral designer Tantawan Bloom used all-white florals and towering trees for a New York City wedding at Cipriani South Street. Additional wedding ceremony decorations included a backdrop of candles, a pristine white aisle, and tealights hanging from the snowy looking trees.

Over at Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, Aliana Events and Revelry Event Designers worked with a more intimate space by using a mirrored ceremony aisle, making the room appear taller. The unique ceiling design was also emphasized by using a selection of chairs with square and round backs, and the all-white florals made the trees displayed at the altar pop even more.

Location: Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club Dana Point, CA; Planner: Dee Lee Designs, Los Angeles, CA; Floral & Event Design: Enchanted Express; Photography: Duke Images Los Angeles, CA

What sets luxury wedding ceremony decorations apart comes down to concept and execution. When couples present their planners and design teams with a vision, they can co-create an infinite number of design possibilities.