Sexy, sharp, smart, sophisticated, stylish, sultry and swanky are just a few words that can be used to describe Brazilian-native and world-traveled Pablo Oliveira’s work. As the owner of Nüage Designs, a Miami-based linen and furniture rental company, Oliveira developed his design aesthetic from a fusion of all of the cultures that he has experienced.

With lounges quickly coming to the forefront as one of the hottest trends in weddings, Oliveira describes his niche in the market as “using our fabrics and couture designs in lounge elements. With this, we can apply the same concept in different elements throughout the event in a consistent way.”

While some couples only rent a few pieces to use in a transitional space between the ceremony and reception, many are opting entirely for a lounge-style reception and are looking for a “complete package that includes couches with throw pillows, side and cocktail tables, and bars and high cocktail tables with stools.” Oliveira is also quick to share that there are several benefits to this type of décor: “It calls for a more casual, cocktail-style menu featuring bite-size items and hors d’oeuvres as opposed to a sit-down dinner...lounges also provide a great design element to an event and create a more interactive experience for the guests.” Which has proven to be a noted hit with his brides.

The inventory is seemingly endless, with the ability to mix and match existing and custom pieces. Popular styles currently include pairing “baroque pieces with modern styles and strong colors and patterns. “Other options lend themselves to more modular pieces like Oliveira’s S-shaped lounge groupings, which tend to “look sexy and create movement in the floor plan.” Whether you are having a tented wedding or getting married at a reception site, another advantage is that they can be placed around the dance floor or used at the after party in an entirely new space. And for the couple that is looking to personalize the décor, Oliveira also offers everything from monogrammed throw pillows to acrylic bars and is planning to add tabletop products and floral props to his inventory.

Teaming with renowned designers like Preston Bailey and Jassi & Co Creative with headquarters in New York or Karla Conceptual Event Experiences and various members of the Design Studio at The Breakers in south Florida, Oliveira recognizes how each firm “contributes in such a unique way, bringing in their individual experience and style.” Working with these designers also serves as “a great source of inspiration to create new styles and ideas.”

Cameron Keating of the Design Studio at The Breakers attests that Oliveira is “reliable and can always provide insight into the latest in event design.” Also from the Design Studio, Richard Grille adds, “Creativity flows between us effortlessly. If we are stuck on a design element he always comes through with fresh ideas and helps to bring the vision to fruition.”

For the bride that may not be able to convey a clear idea of what she wants, Oliveira’s 6,000-square-foot, loft-style studio is the “perfect environment to invite brides and designers to for a presentation of the proposed lounge styles for their event. It makes a big difference when they can experience a small scale vignette of their event beforehand.”

Although the Miami store is currently his only location, Oliveira does ship products throughout the United States and even abroad. Or perhaps, with the possibility of opening another location somewhere in the United States in the near future, you won’t have to travel too far.