Wedding trends come and go throughout the years, and it seems as if everyone is always waiting for “the next best thing.” One minute, brides are asking for their florists to create a floral wall; the next, caterers everywhere are being asked to put together a massive wall of donuts. In the world of event design, however, the rise of the latest “trend” has less to do with what’s en vogue at the moment and more to do with the development and progression of creativity. Innovation is everything when it comes to conceptualizing a memorable wedding décor scheme; and at the moment, we’re noticing several luxury weddings that feature a focused design element.

In the past, couple’s have chosen to have a custom logo designed for their wedding décor, as well as having their monogram displayed in places like their wedding menus or lit up on the dance floor. Now, with a focused design element, top event designers are choosing a single shape, color combination, or even a type of metal, to use throughout the entire wedding weekend. Rather than having two completely different looks for the ceremony and reception, there’s a higher level of cohesion and a smarter, more design-focused approach and link the ceremony and reception together.

Vibrant Colors and Lush Florals – Created by My Event Design (based in Amman, Jordan), this wedding décor scheme involves a lush array of feathery florals in a variety of eye-popping colors. Green seating and rows of multi-colored tabletops makes for a seamless design transition between the ceremony and reception.

Chandeliers and Geometric Lines – Event designer, Shakirova Studio, uses chandeliers to line the ceremony aisle, as well as intermittently throughout the reception. The gold lines running down the aisle are a focused design element as well, replicated by the backs of the dinner chairs.

Blue Waves – Blue and white are clearly the color theme of this ceremony and reception, but the focused design element in this case would be waves – the colors only serve to bring those waves to life. By using unique, wave-shaped structures during the wedding ceremony and curved installations throughout the dinner space, Shakirova Studio succeeds in creating an air of subtle movement, much like waves washing up on the shore.

Metals and Rings – Also designed by Shakirova Studio, this wedding décor scheme is centered on the use of circles and reflective metals. The low centerpieces on the tables echoes the grand floral ring displayed during the ceremony, and the mirrored platinum fixtures provide a clear sense of continuity between the two spaces.