Los Angeles weddings that feature an abundance of exquisite floral designs often have a common denominator – many were designed by Eddie Zaratsian of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design. Throughout his career, Eddie has provided the industry with copious amounts of wedding floral inspiration while continuing to design bespoke, fully customized décor schemes for his clients in Southern California and beyond. We asked the world-renowned designer about some of his go-to floral favorites and what wedding floral trends are currently in demand.

GO: How would you sum up your personal design style?

A: Elegant, abundant, timeless, and classic

GO: What prompted you to start a career in the wedding and event industry?

A: I always had a passion for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary and felt what better muse to express that passion than that of celebrations. I love making people happy and I love design, so I felt the wedding and event industry went hand in hand with both of these.

GO: What are your favorite types of flowers or décor elements to use?

A: I actually don't have a favorite; the type of flower I like to use depends on the overall look I'm trying to achieve. With respect to decor elements, again, same response applies here. But I do love to add texture to my design elements, and I think proper lighting is everything when it comes to creating the perfect moment and capturing the perfect images.

GO: What flowers or details mesh well with any type of wedding style?

A: If executed properly, every flower can mesh well with a wedding; but the safe answer here is roses. Roses always work well and play well with a wide variety of flowers and serve as an instant elevation to floral design.

GO: Where do you get your inspiration when creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements or wedding décor schemes?

A: My inspiration comes from my travels, interior design, architecture, artwork – you name it, I can be inspired by it. But my ultimate inspiration is always wanting to set a trend, not follow a trend.

GO: Are there any current trends you’re implementing into your weddings?

A: Color!! The use of color at weddings is making a major comeback. While I’ve been pushing my couples to be more open to color for years, the trend is definitely making it easier to get them over the white, white and green, and blush color scheme mindset.

GO: Describe one of the best events you’ve designed.

A: I love every single event BUT one of my favorites I've designed was for a couple that was completely open to whatever I wanted to do. They had no idea what they were getting until they walked into the room. It was an all-white wedding, and for their sweetheart table I created a backdrop made from fringe. I cut the fringe in different lengths and created the perfect means of framing the couple. They were in complete shock and loved with how it all turned out. Their absolute trust in me made it one of my favorite weddings to date.

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