Conrad Punta de Mita – a Luxury Oasis in Riviera Nayarit

When you first arrive at Conrad Punta de Mita, after being greeted by a signature cocktail and your own personal concierge, you immediately begin to feel your shoulders soften. As you take in the grandeur of this oasis, you begin to breathe a little more deeply.

Located just 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), the resort is set amongst lush tropical gardens on two miles of sandy beach, right on the Pacific coastline. Nestled between the Riviera Nayarit and the Sierra Madre Mountains, the  Conrad seems to beckon you to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Mexican Design and Local Heritage

From the moment you step onto the property you are enveloped in an atmosphere that pays homage to the vibrant local heritage. This architecture, infused with elements inspired by traditional Mexican design, sets the stage for a wedding celebration that is deeply rooted in authenticity.

As you move into the sun drenched expanse of the lobby and see the ocean in front of you, your eyes begin to take in the uniqueness of this resort. You notice the honoring of the Huichol culture woven into the detail of the interior design – from the intricate wood carving of the sacred  Peyote plant, to the traditional yarn art of the Huichol Tribe’s Sun God, Tao Jreeku. This attention to detail and respect for the land and its people have set this resort apart from the many luxury brands that are dotted along the coastline. Conrad Punta de Mita has seamlessly curated the mysticism of the Huichol’s traditions into a luxury resort experience, paying tribute to the rich tapestry of Mexican Culture. 

Conrad Punta de Mita Weddings

A Conrad Punta de Mita wedding typically begins with a private consultation with the resort's expert wedding planners. These professionals are adept at transforming visions into reality, working closely with couples to curate an event that reflects their unique style and preferences.

For many couples, the choice of venue is one of the first and most significant decisions. The resort offers a range of stunning locations, each with its own distinct charm.

Mezquite Beach and Dinning

For couples wanting to share their vows the options for ceremonies that blend the breathtaking views of the land and sea are abundant. A beachside wedding at Mezquite Beach offers a panoramic ocean views and golden sand to create a romantic setting to say I DO. The ceremony itself is a masterpiece of design, with floral arrangements that showcase the region's indigenous blooms. A floral arch, strategically placed against the backdrop of the ocean, creates a stunning focal point for the exchange of vows.

After the exchange of vows and rings, the couple and guests seamlessly move into the for Mezquite dining area for a cocktail party highlighting a bespoke signature drink created especially for you. The food, highlighting Mexican and American favorites, puts the elements of fire and smoke at the forefront, grilling each dish to perfection.

Haramara Lawn

The lush tropical gardens of Haramara Lawn is a specular backdrop for a larger wedding that is in the heart of the resort. This area is perfect for either a ceremony or an outdoor reception that incorporates the beauty of the land, and is a specular canvas to bring your personal creative signature to the design of your wedding.

Codex Restaurant

Inspired by an Ancient Aztec manuscript, Codex is a celebration of culinary excellence and a beachfront ambience – the perfect venue for a wedding reception. Awarded the 2023 Mexico Gastronomic Guide Top 250 restaurant, the gourmet menu is crafted by the resort’s acclaimed chefs.

As you enter the beachfront restaurant you are greeted by a local shaman that uses Copal incense, a tree resin collected and burned for ceremonies and cleansing to welcome you into your reception. The ceremony is used to help burn away negative energy and bring into balance our innate wellbeing. This is a beautiful experience for any couple and their party to incorporate into their Mexican wedding day experience.

The Spa

The resort prides itself on the variety of relaxing experiences available, and you can begin your journey into self-care through therapies that embrace the surrounding natural beauty and tranquility. From the massage tables under the thatched dome rooms amidst an outdoor oasis, to the secluded spa pool, you can indulge you every sense as you discover the harmonizing elements of earth, sky, water, and fire.

During the days leading up to the wedding, couples and their guests can indulge in the many Conrad signature spa treatments. Enjoying therapies that embrace the natural beauty and tranquility of the region. As you stroll into the Conrad Spa, at Punta De Mita, you are hit with the sweet aroma that fills the room, calming the senses and preparing the mind and the body for relaxation and rebalance.

I was lucky enough to experience a Temazcal, or House of Heat, which is a traditional chamber representing the ‘womb of mother earth,’ and used by pre-Hispanic cultures for centuries. I found it to be a deeply spiritual journey, as warmed stones from a fire were brought in to create heat and herbal steam while the local Curandero (healer) facilitated the ceremony with song. It was a rebirth of body and soul. This unique experience is offered to couples as a way of blessing their union and beginning anew.

Couples can spend time here exploring the traditional culture of healing and rejuvenation. Everything – from facials, deep tissue massage, a cold bath plunge, to the ceremonial sweat lodge – honors both the history of the land and the people.

A wedding at Conrad Punta de Mita is not just an event; it is a celebration that echoes the heartbeat of Mexico, a symphony where the traditions of the past dance with the promises of the future. Couples choosing this haven for their union are not just hosting a wedding. They are immersing themselves in the timeless allure of Punta de Mita that honors the local culture.

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>Written By: Kellie Walsh