Arguably, one of the most meaningful aspects of a wedding is the guests’ blessing of the public union of a couple. A destination wedding is all that a wedding celebration may possibly entail, plus a vacation.

Picture paradise. Located in the Eastern Caribbean, Anguilla, with its 33 white-sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, pristine landscape, perpetual 80-degree weather and bounty of tourism options, may very well fit the bill for a destination wedding nothing shy of sublime.

One of the advantages of getting married at one of the island’s many resorts is that you can host a rehearsal dinner, wedding and brunch in various niches of the property, offering your guests a comprehensive experience.

Located in Maundays Bay—the southern coast of the west end of the island—is Cap Juluca. Having recently undergone a multi-million dollar renovation by new owner, Adam Aron, and designer, Paul Duesing, Cap Juluca is a noted “romantic and exclusive resort.”

Rehearsal dinners “usually take place on one of our lawns or on the beach in front of Blue (a restaurant serving beachside bistro),” comments director of sales and marketing, Charles Black III. Another great option is Pimms’ private wine room, where the executive chef will prepare a five-course menu paired with a wine to complement each dish.

With a list of preferred vendors and various wedding packages, Cap Juluca will ensure that every detail is accounted for. “We coordinate everything,” notes Black. Their weddings vary “from two to 200,” but “60 is probably the typical size,” he observes, adding: “Our beach is the most popular site for weddings and we also have a wedding lawn, which is elevated and offers St. Maarten as a backdrop.”

Located in Meads Bay—the northern coast of the west end of the island—is the Viceroy Anguilla. Opening this spring, the pristine property provides couples with “a social wedding coordinator for their event planning and stay,” comments Virgil Napier, director of sales and marketing. With an “ideal wedding size of up to 120 guests,” a couple has the option to make a full buyout of the resort if they so choose.

According to Napier, “the best part about hosting the event at Viceroy would be the large villas that could be used for private events,” such as a dine around, which would make a great alternative to a rehearsal dinner. Another choice is the Chef’s Table, which includes a welcome by the chef and a menu that is “tailor made then served within an intimate surrounding of the Chef’s garden,” adds Jan Tibaldi, Viceroy’s general manager. “All would be created and personalized for our bride to be,” specifies Napier.

There are two choices when it comes to electing the perfect ceremonial location: “in addition to having it on the beach” there is “Bluff Point, overlooking the water, and also our signature dining restaurant for a sunset event,” which he describes as “absolutely stunning with the sun dropping behind the bride and groom as their guests look on.”

One of the best things about having a wedding away, is that after the celebration is over and you have seen your guests off, you can supplement your honeymoon at the resort luxuriating in spa treatments, sunning on the beach, or canoodling as newlyweds around town. Or simply enjoy a few extra days of rest and relaxation, then island hop before you return home as husband and wife. And when you recount memories of your special day, everyone will remember it as the experience of a lifetime.

Location: Cap Juluca, Maundays Bay, Anguilla