With more couples having their hearts set on destination weddings, unique properties in scenic regions are becoming increasinly popular. For exclusive New York weddings, The Lake House on Canandaigua offers a beautiful escape for couples and their guests, but without having to venture overeseas. Located in the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes region, this boutique property is a upstate gem. Wedding Manager, Jomana Joma, shares more about The Lake House wedding planning process.

GO: When is your busiest time of year, and how far in advance should couples book if they hope to secure a wedding date at The Lake House during those months?
In our event planning calendar, the peak season extends from Memorial Day to the end of October, characterized by a heightened demand for celebrations. Couples often secure their desired dates up to a year in advance during this period. To ensure availability and facilitate a seamless planning process for your special day, we recommend reaching out and initiating the booking process at least a year ahead. This strategic approach will secure your preferred date and set the stage for a meticulously planned and memorable celebration.

GO: How many wedding guests can The Lake House accommodate?

A: 200 guests comfortably.

GO: What type of accommodations and buyout options do you offer?

A: We offer on-site wedding room blocks within our resort, providing a convenient and comfortable lodging option for guests celebrating on the property.

For those desiring an elevated level of exclusivity and privacy, we extend the option of buyouts. This affords couples the opportunity to secure the entire resort for their celebration. It's important to note that, in the pursuit of complete exclusivity, considerations must be made for the buyout of both on-site restaurants.

By seamlessly integrating accommodation options and offering exclusive buyouts, we aim to provide a tailored and sophisticated experience, ensuring that each wedding celebration is imbued with a sense of charm and individuality.

GO: Does The Lake House have in-house planners or coordinators available for the wedding planning process?

A: we offer an on-site coordinator to ensure that every aspect of your food and beverage arrangements aligns seamlessly with your preferences and is accurately documented in your banquet event order.

In the week leading up to your wedding, I will personally gather all the wedding-related items you've entrusted to us and ensure they are set up on the day of your wedding exactly to your specifications. I will reach out to your vendors to coordinate their arrival and setup, guaranteeing that everything runs smoothly and without a hitch. We will personally be there at the rehearsal to ensure that your ceremony proceeds seamlessly and aligns precisely with our previous discussions.

On the day of your wedding, I will be present from setup to the conclusion of the evening, ensuring that every detail follows to your vision and that the timeline unfolds exactly how you wanted it to be.

GO: What indoor/outdoor spaces are available for ceremonies and receptions at The Lake House?

A: We offer an array of distinguished indoor and outdoor spaces to enhance the ambiance of both ceremonies and receptions. Our outdoor ceremony lawn area, featuring panoramic views of the picturesque Canandaigua Lake, serves as an idyllic setting for your vows. This meticulously groomed space, curated by our on-site horticulturist, showcases an array of exquisite white flowers and verdant greens. The deliberate selection of this neutral palette ensures a seamless integration with your chosen wedding flowers, preserving the coherence of your carefully planned color scheme.

In the event of inclement weather, our contingency plan leads us to the refined interior of our Event Barn. Here, the captivating views of Canandaigua Lake persist, offering an elegant alternative for your ceremony without compromising the scenic allure.

For the cocktail hour, guests are invited to indulge in the splendor of our outdoor terrace area, where they can relish passed appetizers and refreshing drinks. As the celebration transitions into the reception and dinner, the captivating beauty of our event Barn becomes the backdrop for an unforgettable experience. This beautifully appointed indoor space sets the stage for an enchanting evening, ensuring a seamless flow from the open-air terrace to the warmth of our Event Barn.

GO: What makes The Lake House such a perfect destination to host exclusive New York weddings?

A: In our unwavering commitment to exceptional service in the wedding industry, our property distinguishes itself through a personalized and focused approach. By limiting our bookings to only one wedding per weekend, we ensure that each couple receives our undivided attention and meticulous care. This exclusivity allows us to devote our full resources and expertise to curate a truly unique and memorable experience for the couple and their guests.

Moreover, recognizing the significance of every facet of the celebration, we offer smaller event spaces for ancillary gatherings such as rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, or farewell brunches the day after the main event. These intimate settings provide the perfect ambiance for pre-wedding and post-wedding functions, contributing to a comprehensive and cohesive celebration experience.

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