Anguilla is an island with a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and hospitality that rivals any cosmopolitan city. Nestled in a secluded area of Anguilla with the white sands of Maundays Bay as its front yard, Belmond Cap Juluca exudes a quintessential sense of Anguillan luxury, offering its guests all the amenities of a world-class resort without the pretense. Headed by a team of “Julucans,” as they call themselves, this property is an idyllic destination for weddings, elopements, honeymoons, and romantic getaways; and even with the current state of affairs and uncertainty surrounding traveling abroad, Belmond Cap Juluca remains ahead of the curve when it comes to providing guests with a safe and unforgettable experience.

The ambiance at Belmond Cap Juluca is one of peacefulness and barefoot Anguillan luxury – perhaps because it was once a place of worship for the indigenous Arawaks. Its newly renovated aesthetic makes visitors feel like they’re staying at a private residence that houses an Old World collection of keepsakes; and still, there’s a laid-back “beach chic” vibe that is very modern. Even the limestone floor tiles were purposely selected to entice guests to walk through the resort barefoot, proving that every detail was carefully considered in its design.

With its remote Caribbean location and layout, the property has been catering to social distancing and absolute privacy long before COVID-19 changed the world. “Every single room on the property is beachfront, giving each guest their very own slice of Caribbean Sea,” says General Manager, Tiago Sarmento. “And while guests to Anguilla are allowed to explore off-property within the island's ‘vacation bubble’ concept, we have launched a whole series of new private experiences for those who are rather inclined to stay put (we don't blame them!). Some of my favorites are private wine classes, sunset sails, rum tastings, early-morning birdwatching, and salt-scrub-making classes.”

By the time guests wake up to their first morning at Belmond Cap Juluca, they’ll feel completely immersed in a world of Anguillan luxury. “Our ‘swim to breakfast’ experience is only that truly never gets old,” shares Tiago. “Guests can start the morning by walking straight from bed into the warm Caribbean Sea for a swim over to Cip’s by Cipriani – our waterside restaurant. They are greeted at the water’s edge by one of our Julucans with a fresh towel, warm robe, and fruit juice in hand. I can’t think of a better way to wake up.”

Couples and their wedding guests can also round out their destination wedding itinerary with a bevy of activities ranging from adventurous to relaxing. Visitors love to hop on one of Belmond’s signature turquoise pedal bikes for a leisurely ride around the resort. The sea, of course, is the main attraction; and days may be spent on the water paddle boarding, kayaking, or swimming the length of the bay before kicking back with some rum punch and reggae music at Belmond’s toes-in-the-sand beach bar, The Cap Shack.

To maintain a sense of culture and authenticity, Belmond Cap Juluca applies different elements of history and tradition to its wellness experiences. “The Taino, who once inhabited this land, used many sacred practices and local ingredients around the island to soothe the soul,” explains Tiago. “We incorporate these traditions into our private wellness experiences for guests – from massages using natural Anguillan clays, to sacred morning rituals, to tropical spice polishes using local Anguillan salt.”

The distinct energy and genuine smiles of the Julucans serve to make every destination wedding, honeymoon, or leisurely visit an experience of a lifetime. When celebrating love, there’s no better destination than a visually stunning property in one of the world’s most beautiful regions, filled with cheerful staff and warm hospitality.

“Being around good people makes one a better person,” adds Tiago. “I love the way nature permeates every aspect of life on the island and in our day-to-day at Belmond Cap Juluca. There really is something uplifting about Maundays Bay, the fresh sea air, and the stillness all around.”

>Written by Lauren Malamala