Hosting an intimate wedding at a boutique wedding venue can be a uniquely wonderful experience, as it allows couples and their guests to escape into their own little world for a night or weekend. For those in search of “something different,” this collection of boutique wedding venues – consisting of Seven4One, Newhall Mansion, 1880 Union Hotel, and Britt Scripps Manor – offers a selection of unforgettable settings for luxury weddings in California. Whether couples fall in love with the oceanside glamour of Seven4One in Laguna Beach, or prefer to entertain at Newhall Mansion as if it’s their own stately home, each of these four properties is distinguished by its own charm and character.

Here’s what brides and grooms can expect when planning a wedding at Seven4One, Newhall Mansion, 1880 Union Hotel, or Britt Scripps Manor:

GO: If you had to describe the properties in three words, what would they be?
A: Distinctive / Authentic / Memorable

Pictured Above: Seven4One – Laguna Beach, CA

GO: How far in advance does a couple need to reserve a wedding date?
A: One year is recommended, though we sometimes have an opening within closer proximity.

GO: Are onsite wedding planners available for the wedding process?
A: Yes, the standard package at all of our venues includes a month-of wedding planner, with optional upgrades for enhanced services.

GO: Are accommodations and buyouts available? What is the capacity limit?
A: Yes, buyouts for the entire weekend are standard in our offerings, with overnight accommodations for 20 guests, on average.

Pictured Below: Newhall Mansion – Piru, CA

GO: What spaces are available for ceremonies and receptions?
A: There are several ceremony and reception sites at each of our venues, all of which are outdoors. This includes beachfront spaces, open courtyards, and gardens, depending on a couple’s preferred backdrop and vision. Venues can accommodate anywhere between 140 and 300 event guests, depending on the site chosen.

GO: What are some of the amenities, incentives and activities that the property offers a couple?
A: Each venue offers an exclusive bridal suite, vintage dressing areas for bridesmaids and groomsmen, and 5-star guest rooms with amenities. Incentives include a free personal tasting with our chef to customize cuisine and cocktails. Activities range from beach access, fire-pits, pool and cabanas, vintage video arcade, poker room, tavern, saloon, billiards, orchards and groves, and a host of other opportunities for the couple and their guests to experience, depending on the venue.

Pictured Below: 1880 Union Hotel – Los Alamos, CA

GO: Food is such an important element at a wedding. Tell me about your menu customization.
A: Menus are created entirely from scratch for each bride and groom – a blank slate for their creativity and individual expression. We are not bound by sourcing limitations, restrictive menus, or a standard routine; thus, our chefs are free to express our clients’ personality and make their desires come to life.

Pictured Below: Britt Scripps Manor – San Diego, CA

GO: Service is imperative in the wedding industry. What does your property collection offer couples and their guests that set you apart?
A: We’re not just all-inclusive, we’re thoughtful and transparent, putting ourselves in our clients' shoes to ensure the process is easy and stress-free. This not only means we take care of everything, but also that there aren’t any hidden costs or aspects that a bride and groom have to worry about. We pride ourselves in offering a single package that includes all they need, aside from the preferential elements like cake, photographer, and officiant – details they would want to choose themselves. And, they don’t need to be concerned with another wedding before or after them, as we only host one wedding party each weekend. We’ve thought of it all in advance, and our staff take care of every detail, so they are simply celebrating.