Photo Credit: Hallur Karlsson

When the Wedding Style team traveled to Iceland last Fall, our experience began with a two day stay in Reykjavik. As Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik is an interesting city in that it’s small enough to explore within a single weekend – and yet, there’s so many hidden gems and cultural experiences that travelers will want to stay longer. Still, a two day stay in Reykjavik provides just enough time to take in several popular tourist attractions, sample the local cuisine, and get a feel for the city while walking along its peaceful streets.

Photo Credit: Hallur Karlsson

Before exploring Reykjavik, be sure to check into Tower Suites – the most luxurious, beautifully appointed set of accommodations in town. Perched at the top of Höfðatorg Tower, this exclusive collection of eight suites looms 20 floors above Reykjavik, making it the highest point in the city.

Guests of Tower Suites may select from two service options when booking a suite: Full Concierge Service, and Self Check-in Invisible service. We enjoyed the Full Concierge Service while staying in the Esja Suite, which included personalized staff, daily turndown service, and breakfast delivered to our room every morning. (Side note: The Icelandic yogurt – or skyr – with waffles and green smoothies were the perfect way to start the day.) Alternatively, for independent travelers who prefer to experience Iceland like a local, Tower Suites features an innovative Invisible Service option; visitors simply download an app, which will provide them with a digital key to their suite. Visit for more information.

Although the public transportation system in Iceland is relatively simple to figure out, the best way to get around Reykjavik is on foot. After a leisurely 15 minute walk from Tower Suites, we were already coming across some of the city’s main tourist attractions. First was Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland’s largest church and one of its tallest structures. Dedicated to the country’s most famous sacred poet, Hallgrímur Pétursson, Hallgrímskirkja is a parish church and national monument. Hearing the bells chime as the arctic wind blew through the city was almost otherworldly. Also, if the wind proves to be too frigid for sightseeing, don’t worry – Reykjavik Street Dog is located only three minutes away, and you can try an authentic Icelandic hot dog with all the toppings while warming up

On the waterfront, travelers should make sure to check out the Sun Voyager (or Solfar) sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason, which looks stunning against Iceland’s blue waters. Modeled after the ships sailed by the Vikings, Solfar was created as a symbol of the hope, freedom, and progress that comes with discovering new land.

When enjoying a two day stay in Reykjavik, we suggest leaving enough time between sightseeing stops to simply stroll around. Unlike busier, overcrowded cities, Reykjavik has a unique sense of serenity; it is also listed as one of the world’s safest cities, so tourists can feel at ease when perusing the streets. Visitors may come across brightly painted buildings, photo-worthy street art, or a quirky eatery. Iceland may not be synonymous with gourmet cuisine, but the foodie scene is definitely on the rise. For starters, we recommend stopping by Deig bakery for the most indulgent donuts made with local ingredients from Iceland’s dairy farmers. The crème brulee donut is next-level.

Photo Credit: @deigworkshop

If couples are traveling to Iceland for a romantic weekend or honeymoon, a two day stay in Reykjavik is filled with date night possibilities. Taking in a concert, musical, or opera at Harpa Concert Hall is a must, and stepping into the world-famous venue is like entering an architectural masterpiece of prisms. Afterwards, head to Grillmarkaðurinn for an upscale, yet cozy dinner for two. The restaurant is renowned for its refined Icelandic-inspired dishes that showcase the country’s freshest produce, and dishes are prepared on a custom made grill that heats up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Some of their menu items include smoked arctic char, langoustine tempura, multi-dish “courses” of fish and meat, and homemade ice cream. Dare we say it, Icelandic ice cream rivals the gelato in Rome.

The right combination of luxe accommodations, sightseeing, entertainment, and cuisine is sure to make a two day stay in Reykjavik an unforgettable experience.