When choosing the right wedding cinematographer, one of the most important things to consider is how well your personal style matches with that of the people behind the camera.

At Dove Weddings, a team of skilled filmmakers is dedicated to creating timeless wedding reels that tell each couple’s unique story. With state-of-the-art equipment and a keen eye for detail, Dove Weddings has been a favorite cinematography company since 2001, serving all of Southern California and beyond; and one of the best examples of the team’s work is this highlight reel depicting a joyful destination wedding in Thailand.

What we love about this film:

It begins with a beautiful scenery shot. With Michelle and Peter’s wedding taking place in Phuket, Thailand, it only makes sense to use a scenery shot as an opener. Plus, it gives viewers an idea of the setting.

The smiles. There’s absolutely no pretense or posing in this film. Instead, it shows the couple and their guests enjoying a joyful destination wedding in Thailand with a nonstop parade of genuine smiles and laughter.

Personalization through the speeches. Using sound clips from the day’s wedding speeches, Dove Weddings tells the couple’s story in their own words, as well as the words of those closest to them. It’s the perfect way to infuse a wedding video with personality, humor, and any characteristics that makes a couple unique.

The instrumental. Rather than choosing a popular song from a Top 40 chart, overlaying a wedding video with an instrumental is the perfect choice for creating a timeless work of art. That hit ballad on the radio may seem apropos in the moment, but brides and grooms should always think long-term and consider how they truly want their wedding video to look and sound when they watch it years later.

It embodies joy. There’s really no better word to sum up this Dove Weddings video, other than “joyful.” From start to finish, there’s a seamless feeling of absolute happiness – both, from the couple and all their guests who gathered from around the world