DMV weddings (Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) are often traditional in style, with even the most lavish affairs having a stately air to them. While Amaryllis Inc., Floral & Event Design is a master in creating weddings of all types, this luxury floral design duo excels in bringing a fresh approach to events in the form of sumptuous flowers and inspired aesthetics. As both business partners and partners in marriage, it’s safe to say Rick Davis and Christopher Vasquez are experts in everything pertaining to love and beauty. Their successful partnership has led to Amaryllis Inc., Floral & Event Design. being the go-to luxury floral design company for DMV weddings, and their passion is evident in every collaboration. Here’s some facts we love:

Rick and Christopher are veterans of their craft

Although Amaryllis Inc., Floral & Event Design was founded in 2002, Rick has more than 25 years of experience in designing and producing high-end events. “Beauty is at the heart of our business,” he says. “From a bride’s bouquet or groom’s boutonniere, to a glorious centerpiece or a massive installation – stunning flowers, plants, trees, and greenery are central to what we do. We utilize only the freshest, most lush and stunning florals in original, unique, and extraordinary designs that add to the overall beauty of your occasion.”

They love incorporating unique blooms into their luxury floral designs. Orchids, roses, and hydrangeas may be a classic choice for DMV weddings, but Rick and Christopher’s favorite flowers and decorative elements include sweet peas, flaming parrot tulips, daffodils, moss, and Osage oranges.

Birds are a huge source of inspiration

The designers have shared that nature and couture fashion spark their creativity, but one of their greatest sources of inspiration is the avian world. Some of the most stunning Amaryllis Inc. weddings and tabletops have featured details like feathers and birds. The couple even raises several flocks of exotic fowl on their farm in southern Maryland.

Amaryllis Inc., Floral & Event Design is homegrown
One thing that truly sets Amaryllis Inc. apart in the world of luxury floral design is the fact that Rick and Christopher often grow and harvest the specialty flowers and foliage used in their weddings and events. Not only do they love gorgeous flowers – they love horticulture itself, and the process of creating a homegrown element to incorporate within their designs. It doesn’t get any more “couture” than that.