Editor-in-Chief of Wedding Style, Grace Ormonde, makes it no secret that she loves orchids. Simply peruse the pages of past issues, the various online inspiration galleries, or Grace’s book, Being in Love Never Goes Out of Style, and you’ll find orchids galore. Even Golf Srithamrong of Tantawan Bloom, one of Wedding Style’s longtime contributors and Platinum List members, has been dubbed “The King of Love and Orchids” by Grace. Maybe it’s their varying colors, dramatic shape, sweet and subtle fragrance, or exotic edge – but there’s several reasons why orchids may very well be the best wedding flowers for creating a luxury wedding décor scheme.

The best wedding flowers can stand alone
For weddings, the most commonly used orchids are Phalaenopsis, also known as “the moth orchid.” Because of their large size, these are some of the best wedding flowers to use when you want a simple tabletop design that also pops. It only takes a few handfuls of blooms to create an impact.

The best wedding flowers blend well with others
From calla lilies to tulips, orchids blend well with any floral décor scheme. Tantawan Bloom has used white orchids to add volume and texture to a calla lily chandelier, while peppering the bottom with purple orchids to create an incredible sunset-like color palette.

The best wedding flowers make gorgeous floral installations
Floral bridges, canopies, and full-on ceiling installations are a favorite among discerning couples. Orchids add a stunning cascading effect to any floral masterpiece.

The best wedding flowers can offer a pop of color
Variety is everything, and orchids offer enough color options to suit anyone’s preference. A multicolored mix is eclectic and whimsical, while filling your reception space with a single vibrant color is a surefire way to achieve that “WOW” factor.

The best wedding flowers are timeless
Most importantly, orchids represent the perfect blend of timelessness and modernity. A lush, all-white floral décor scheme of Phalaenopsis offers over-the-top glamour yet remains classic in its overall aesthetic.

Floral Design: Tantawan Bloom