Stationery: RedBliss Design

“Your wedding invitation is the first chapter of your love story,” says Christine Traulich of RedBliss Design. “The invitation is so much more than a checklist item—it is the preamble to the biggest moment of your lives.”

Stationery: Momental Designs

The wedding experience begins from the moment your guests receive their invitations. When that special letter or package arrives in the mail, it sets the tone for your upcoming celebration. It’s a tangible first impression of your journey together as a married couple.

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How would you like your special day to be presented? Whether you choose to have a lavish destination wedding at an exotic resort, or an intimate affair at a European castle, creating a bespoke wedding invitation suite entices guests with what’s to come. Your invitation design should be just as personal and reflective of your relationship as the rest of your wedding décor. “Personality is number one,” Christine states. “Customize through pattern, language, monograms and materials to weave your personalities into the suite. Invitations that tell your story beyond the particulars of your wedding date, time and place will always stand out. It is the only piece of your wedding that every single guest will experience.”

Stationery: Danielle Behar Designs

Kristy Rice of Momental Designs adds, “Invitations take a mundane moment and transform it into the extraordinary. When your guests sift through the mail and discover your envelope, it stands apart and says, ‘This is something you’ll never forget.’”

Stationery: Ceci New York

When it comes to designing invitation suites, the possibilities are endless. Being well-versed in creating luxurious and unique invitations, Kristy describes one of the most memorable suites Momental Designs has produced. “We created a custom wood cover storybook invitation, where I had to apprentice with a famous bookbinder in order to train my team,” she recalls. “The covers were carved into cherry wood and hand painted individually with over 40,000 brushstrokes each. Pages inside told an illustrated love story in letterpress, watercolor  and gilded edges. Each book was bound with a bronze spine and leather straps and presented in a custom velvet box with a brass closure.”

Stationery: Engaging Papers

Custom wedding invitations are worlds away from simply ordering from a set catalogue. As Ceci Johnson, owner of Ceci New York explains, it’s an artistic process. Known in the industry as an “invitation innovator,” she says, “Whether I’m drawing or painting with watercolor, it’s exclusively for our clients.

Stationery: Smoochie Paper

The biggest compliment is when guests say to the couple, ‘This is so you.’” With the right creative team, it’s truly exciting to collaboratively brainstorm design ideas and inspiration, pairing your personal tastes with new concepts and aesthetics. “This year, the big trend is a lot of texture—creating a very tactile experience, so it’s more than just letterpress,” says Ceci. “It’s about laser cuts, velvets mixed with papers, and creating a whole package.”

Stationery: Spark Letterpress

The ideal wedding invitation serves as an engaging precursor to your wedding day, as well as a memento that beautifully reflects who you are as a couple. With some careful thought, creativity, and a partnership with the right artist, you can present your wedding guests with a memorable introduction to the most important day of your lives.