Cheryl Richards is known to many as Boston’s top wedding photographer, with decades of portraits, weddings, and creative editorial work under her belt. Her photos have been featured in local and national publications alike, including Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and she has a knack for capturing special moments with a beautiful sense of authenticity. Below, Cheryl shares more about her approach to wedding photography, how she got started in the industry, and how to choose the right wedding photographer.

GO: How did you get started in photography and what compelled you to work within the wedding niche?

A: I started photographing weddings in 1992. I didn't set out to photograph weddings but decided to pioneer a trend of a photojournalist/editorial style in black and white film. I found my passion and clients found me.

GO: How would you describe your wedding photography style?

A: My style is romantic, classic and elegant.

GO: Do you pose and instruct couples on what to do during a photo session?

A: I only pose when I'm photographing group, family, and wedding party photos. I coach my couples and let their love and uniqueness shine thru.

GO: What is your opinion on "trendy" poses? (ex: The bride and groom facing the camera straight-on and holding hands?)

A: I don't promote trendy photos but will take them if the couple asks me to.

GO: What are your favorite moments to capture during the wedding day?

A: My favorite moment of a wedding day is quite honestly every moment.

GO: How far in advance should a couple reach out to you if they wish to book you for their wedding?

A: I've had couples book me years in advance; but some, months in advance.

GO: What advice do you have for couples who are searching for a wedding photographer?

A: When searching for a wedding photographer – that's a tough question because there are so many to choose from. If it was me looking, questions I would ask myself would be: was the person referred, how many years of experience do they have, are the night photos good quality, is retouching included, and did I connect with them?

GO: Aside from weddings, are there any other types of photography you enjoy?

A: I love to photograph it all. Fashion, children, families, headshots, products, etc.