The traditional wedding experience has undoubtedly transformed into something more along the lines of “wedding adventures.” Worldwide quarantines and social distancing rules have led couples to postpone wedding dates, edit guest lists down to more intimate gatherings, switch destinations, or simply forgo their plans in favor of an impromptu elopement. Even after several months of adjusting to a world in which COVID-19 factors into almost every situation, it’s almost impossible to plan more than a few weeks ahead of time. Still, this hasn’t stopped world-renowned photographers like Duke Khodaverdian of Duke Images from capturing romantic wedding adventures, from surprise proposals to micro weddings.

For couples who have had to put their wedding plans on hold, this downtime can be used to organize an epic pre-wedding photo shoot abroad. Duke is one of the world’s top destination wedding photographers, so brides and grooms are in good hands when globetrotting with Duke Images in tow. Not only is a pre-wedding shoot an easy way to socially distance while exploring a new destination – it’s also an opportunity for couples to enjoy a portion of the wedding journey that is entirely about them. The wedding day, which will eventually come, is about the pomp and circumstance of the celebration and ensuring a great guest experience. But during their pre-wedding adventures, couples can truly enjoy each other’s company and live in the moment; and they can walk away with a collection of stunning photographs as a memento.

“The inner satisfaction and adrenaline rush I get from creating art out of something that didn’t exist ten minutes ago, is what drives me forward in this industry,” says Duke. “The idea that we can start with just a subject, lighting and location, and, ten minutes to an hour later, we’ve created something extraordinary that will last a lifetime, is a great feeling.”