Photography: John Nassari, United Kingdom

Since developing a passion for photography at the age of just 13, John Nassari has become one of the UK’s most sought-after and awarded photographers. Boasting an impressive 27 years of industry experience, his work has been exhibited at some of the world’s finest galleries, including the Pantheon Gallery in Cyprus and London’s National Portrait Gallery. John’s passion for photography has led to him earning an MA in Visual Culture from Middlesex University and a PhD from the University of East London, as well as 20 years of experience teaching photography to budding young students at various universities and colleges across the UK. Now, photographers around the world can partake in his online courses and masterclass.

A brand visionary for Olympus UK and the winner of several prestigious wedding photography awards, John’s ten years spent as a wedding photographer have seen him work with some of the UK’s top luxury wedding planners, brands and venues, including The Savoy, the Mandarin Oriental and Blenheim Palace. Having started his own wedding business from scratch, John knows firsthand the hard work and determination that it takes to make a wedding photography business a success. As such, he is keen to share his secrets with other photographers and is doing so through his new online course - 10 essential steps to wedding photography business success.

This new digital course consists of over two hours of online tutorials featuring expert tips, advice and guidance designed to help photographers supercharge their business. Students will gain valuable knowledge about all aspects of the photography business including building a portfolio, how to secure important bookings, networking and forming strong industry connections, and how to create a solid pricing strategy.

In addition to his online course, John will be delivering a masterclass based on his new 10 step course in January 2019 to the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. During this seminar, he will be discussing the key things to consider when beginning a wedding photography business, including how to establish where to fit within the sector and how to get yourself and your business noticed.

With passion and innovation at the forefront of everything he does, alongside a firm belief that all photographers are storytellers, John’s latest project has been the creation Nassari 360 – the ultimate storytelling tool for photographers. Nassari 360 is cutting edge online software designed by John himself that allows photographers to turn photos, videos and audio into one unique, interactive Virtual Reality experience. Designed ‘by photographers, for photographers’, Nassari 360 has been said to revolutionize the world of wedding photography as photographers can create engaging, exciting content that transports clients right to the heart of their very own story. To find out more about the software see

With over 27 years of industry experience under his belt, a thriving wedding photography business and a pioneering digital tool that has the potential to change photography as we know it, it’s easy to see how John Nassari has become one of the UK’s most accomplished and prestigious photographers in the industry.

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