As half of the dynamic duo behind 4 Eyes Photography, Kellie Walsh – a leading NYC wedding photographer – is renowned for capturing exquisite images for both real weddings and print editorial. Her work is often featured within the pages of Wedding Style (we love collaborating with Kellie, especially for specialty jewelry and lingerie shoots) and, along with her partner Rupert Rogers, the pair has become an in-demand photography team for high-end clients around the world.

“To us, it’s an honor to have been chosen to document one of the most important and significant days in a person’s life,” Kellie says. “As we’re based in New York City, we get to meet so many interesting people from so many backgrounds, religions, cultures, and traditions. About 40% of our weddings each year are destination weddings, so we get to photograph in such a diverse array of venues and locations and challenge ourselves to capture the atmosphere of being at a beach, castle, or exotic island! Best of all, we get to create images that will become treasured memories that couples will share for decades to come with their friends, family, and their own children.”

Being an NYC wedding photographer is often a multi-faceted career, and Kellie has a background in both weddings and fashion editorial. (She also assists us in covering New York Bridal Fashion Week!) This affects her method of photographing weddings, and she avoids approaching an event with her own agenda or “cookie cutter” style.

“Since my background is in fashion, I bring a creative editorial edge to the imagery without sacrificing those special moments,” she shares. “My brides want to feel like they have stepped out of the pages of a magazine – glamourous and sexy, but still very much themselves. We strive to create those once-in-a-lifetime photos that blend style with authenticity.”

When photographing her couples, Kellie is always on the lookout for passion and love. One of her favorite moments is that quintessential “look of love” that crosses a groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time, whether it’s during a first look photo session or when the bride is walking down the aisle.

“It is those moments that connect you to your couple,” she adds. “For one brief second, you can experience the love they share, and it is magical. My partner Rupert, the second set of eyes in 4 Eyes, waits for that decisive moment, when the elements of lighting, expression, and mood come together to create the perfect shot. Rupert is very good at capturing those moments when no one is aware they are being photographed. There is a lot of honesty in those photos.”

Working together as luxury NYC wedding photographers since 2001, Kellie and Rupert have a synergy and trusted partnership that is unique to them. Because of this, they are both able to express their own unique visions when capturing a wedding day, while also complementing each other’s strengths and styles. Undoubtedly, this is why past clients have credited Rupert and Kellie for bringing a sense of peace to a stressful wedding day.

“Choose a calm photographer that has years of experience and can handle any situation that might arise,” Kellie advises couples who are searching for the perfect wedding photographer. “Obviously, you should love their work, but it’s really important that you get along and have fun with the photographer, too. You’ll be spending 8-10 hours with that person at a highly charged, emotional event. Of course, you also need a photographer that can keep things on schedule and knows the shots you’ll want… and who makes sure you get them! After shooting with my partner for over 15 years, we’re experts at reading couples and keeping the whole experience light and – most importantly – fun. Trust me, it’ll show in the photos.”

>Written By: Lauren Malamala