For nearly a decade, Rene Zadori Photography has been a highly sought-after studio in Southern California, capturing luxury weddings on film. Rene shares his top tips for couples, which will ensure the best wedding photos possible – a timeless memento that will last long after the big day is over.

Rene’s tips for capturing the best wedding photos…

1) Make sure you have good vibes with your photographer.
You’re going to spend the most time with your photographer, so it’s imperative that you get along well and are on the same page with their photography style. The most important thing is that you and your photographer have good vibes together. The best way to get an idea of who your photographer is, we suggest looking at their Instagram and website; and if you like what you see, set up a meeting!

2) Find a photographer you can trust.
Let loose, have fun, and just trust your photographer. Find a photography company that you can trust and feel you can take direction from. If you don’t think your photographer will create photography magic for your special day, then don’t hire them, no matter what the price tag is.

3) Schedule enough time for everything.
Timing is crucial on your wedding day. If you don’t schedule everything accordingly months in advance, and just try to wing it, you may be in trouble. There should be an estimated start and end time for every part of your wedding day. Plan for enough time for hair and makeup, first look, your portrait session, and ballroom portraits.

Try your best to book your portrait session during the best lighting. We suggest working with your planner to set up your timeline at least three months in advance. If you do not have a planner, request a call with your wedding photographer to assist you. We’d rather help act as your planner for a day and ensure you have an organized timeline, than risk having issues the day of. At Rene Zadori Photography, we work with every single one of our clients 1-2 weeks before their big day to create and finalize their photography timeline.

4) Don’t skip out on booking a pre-wedding session.
It’s truly vital that you don’t skip out on your pre-wedding session. During this session, you get the chance to work closely with your photographer and your fiancé. You’ll get a vibe for how your wedding day will feel like, what angles you like best, learn the difference between a candid and an editorial shot, how your photographer works, etc. You will also have images to share with your friends and family to get everyone excited for your big day, or even use them to print a canvas or two to showcase during your cocktail hour.

5) Don’t hesitate to reach out whenever needed.
If you have any questions about your timeline or suggestions about vendors, don’t hesitate to reach out to your photographer. Make time for your photographs; because when your wedding is over, these are the heirlooms that will last you a lifetime.

6) If possible, book your wedding photography and videography from the same company.
This is generally the better choice for many reasons. Booking both of these services together will allow for the common shared style and vision to be captured simultaneously. There’s also more appropriate communication all-around, possible discounts when bundled together, and the optimal cohesive products.

7) If you want the best quality, hire professional and experienced vendors.
Before hiring any of your vendors, we suggest doing your research. We cannot emphasize this enough. Photography magic is possible, but there is only so much your photographer can do when the quality of your vendors is lacking. The last thing you want as a couple is for your stress to push over into your wedding photos. Anyone can be a vendor, but any successful wedding vendor you fall in love with will more than likely come with years of experience and a higher price tag.