An ice sculpture is one of the most tried-and-true ways to add a dramatic element to any wedding décor. For weddings during the warmer months, ice carvings provide an impressive yet practical way to keep a raw bar fresh; and winter weddings appear that much more magical with several ice elements added to the mix. Today’s ice sculptors are well-versed in creating virtually any vision you have, whether it’s an intricate animal carving, a traditional luge, or a full-on ice bar for serving drinks. Here’s six ways to use ice sculptures to elevate your own wedding décor and ambiance.

Drinks Server
Imagine your guests arriving to your wedding reception or cocktail hour, and finding a unique ice sculpture greeting them with a platter of drinks. A whimsical ice carving – which can be customized and carved into any figure you wish – creates a fun and unexpected first impression, while also keeping wine and champagne cool.

Ice Bars
As one of the most popular ways to use ice sculptures in weddings, large ice bars offer nothing short of that “WOW” factor. Customize your ice bar with a favorite motif, your wedding logo, or your initials.

Raw Bar Displays
Use an ice sculpture to display an array of raw bar offerings including oysters in a half shell, king crab legs, shrimp, and ceviche. Rows of sushi look gorgeous against an ice carving, and you can even use an ice sculpture to create a luxurious vodka and caviar station during cocktail hour.

Hanging Ice Sculptures
Ice sculptures aren’t limited to heavy, bulky, and stationary carvings. A hanging display of diamond-like ice carvings are a gorgeous alternative to crystal chandeliers, and make for an unforgettable table scape.

Ice Shot Glasses
After dinner, treat your guests to a chilled bar complete with shot glasses carved from ice. Serve up traditional vodka shots, or a “signature shooter” you concoct together.

Ice Landscapes
For the ultimate use of ice sculptures, have your artists create an entire landscape from ice. Think ice lounges (be sure to provide guests with coats to wear), ice arches, and sprawling ice walls.