Founded in 2008, LUXE Linen is a trusted leader in fine linen rentals based in Southern California. LUXE offers the highest quality linens, table runners, napkins, and overlays in a collection of fine fabrics sourced worldwide.

The LUXE launch is one of the wedding and event industry’s most anticipated events, serving as a trendsetting and networking function for top planners and designers. Now in its fourth year, The LUXE Launch is a tabletop showcase featuring the company’s latest linen collection. Each designer pairs up with a florist of their choice to create any tabletop and theme they dream up. This year, LUXE interviewed Bottega Louie – a luxury pastry and design house that created a gorgeous spread of macarons and sweets for the occasion.

LUXE Linen: What was the inspiration behind your design?
Bottega Louie: We were inspired by airy, simplistic spaces decorated with tropical plants. We wanted graphic lines and clearly defined negative space to allow our pastries to shine.

LUXE Linen: Can you tell us about your design collaboration and process with your team?
Bottega Louie: We started with a mood board and inspiration images of floral arrangements. Once we narrowed down the look, we enlisted Leslie from Rebelle Fleur to develop the florals. We had an in-person meeting with her to discuss the shapes, containers, color palette, and flower species. After the centerpiece design was set, we regrouped to brainstorm how to echo the floral color palette throughout our pastries. We selected specific macaron hues to reflect the tropical species and pastries that would complement rather than distract.

LUXE Linen: What was the most unexpected element that you added?
Bottega Louie: The floral arrangements were the most unexpected element of our table, because we typically use a very different style of arrangements with our pastry tables.

LUXE Linen: What is your favorite part of the tabletop?
Bottega Louie: Our favorite part was absolutely the floral arrangements. They added the graphic touch we needed to frame our pastries.

LUXE Linen: How did being given a linen impact your process?
Bottega Louie: The linen we were provided with was selected to be within our brand colors, so our pastries could be the main focus of the table. Cindy chose a white linen for us with a lovely pleated texture that added dimension to our table.

LUXE Linen: What is your reaction to the new LUXE Linen line?
Bottega Louie: The new LUXE Linen line is a vibrant addition to the collection, and it truly showcases the personality of the company. Planners, designers, and brides will easily be able to select a linen from this line that will elevate their event.

LUXE Linen: How did Vibiana as a space impact your design?
Bottega Louie: Vibiana provided a beautiful backdrop for all the tables. The architectural details and dramatic ceilings added an elevated atmosphere for each table to shine within. While our design was not influenced by the space, we certainly feel that the venue heightened the experience of the event.