When you think about planning your wedding, one of the major decisions you have to make is defining your wedding style. If you choose to take a luxury approach, which can encompass any aesthetic, then that’s half the battle in narrowing down your options. As a luxury wedding expert, Lynn Ehumadu – owner of Lily V Events – has provided us with a simplified guide to planning a luxury wedding. Whether you’re a bride, groom, or wedding planner yourself, these tips are sure to help streamline the planning process!

The Lily V Guide to Planning a Luxury Wedding…

The Venue
If you’re going to make the desired first impression – befitting of a luxury wedding – then, the venue must be right. The venue mustn’t necessarily be a masterpiece itself, nor be located in a modern environment to give an urban feel to the wedding. What you really need your venue to do for you is to be a platform on which your décor can define the vision of your wedding. It could be a blank canvas or have a rustic feel. Whatever you choose, make sure it works for your vision; because nothing is more striking than having your décor dovetailing nicely into the surroundings.

Floristry and Décor
Whatever your wedding style is, creating an atmosphere of elegance never goes out of style. This should be interpreted in your floral choices, linens, napkins, table settings, drapery etc. Décor encompasses a number of elements which can be incorporated by using lush florals to enhance your tablescape, and different furnishings to bring the attention to detail that a luxury wedding requires. Your choices on the most intricate of details goes a long way.

Food Appeal
Food is one of the most important parts of any wedding, let alone a wedding of the luxury sort. It might not make the first impression, but it’s sure to leave a lasting one. Defining luxury here is different, as it’s all about presentation. Be sure the presentation of food offerings at your wedding are appealing enough to have you guests wanting to taste everything on the menu (or at least wish they had). 

Cocktails and Champagnes
Do not get this wrong. Foods and drinks are mentioned together, but each deserves individual attention. An elaborate plan for the drinks is needed to satisfy the individual tastes of your guests. Drink assortment is a must-have. Plus, it’s a huge opportunity to flaunt your style! Think martinis, jasmine martinis, tropical mixtures, and champagnes, which are a signature for any wedding. Champagnes especially exude elegance and glamour. Pick a great one that your guests will love.

Lighting adds life to an occasion. It can be used to convey the mood of the evening and define your style. The choice of color plays a huge role in enhancing your décor, and your pictures will tell the story. 3D projections are often used to enhance your styled tables or highlight a focal area. Think outside the box to create that one special “WOW” factor. 

Lounge Area
Creating an area where guests can have some time to relax and chill is very popular. You never know what new friendships could be formed at your wedding – how cool is that? Having a subtle styled area with lounge settings is a great retreat for guests as the night winds down. It can also serve as a space for your afterparty if you choose for the party to continue with close family and friends.