Harry Winston Classic Winston Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones. Photography: Aurora Crowley; Production: L Group Productions, Inc.; Stylist: Cannon; Assistant Stylist: Amber Stolec; Hair: Mako Iijima; Makeup: Yumi; Location: Contra Studios New Year, NY


In recent years, photos of newly engaged couples have been dominated by cushion-cut, round, oval, and emerald-cut diamond rings. Not only are they as modern as they are timeless, but these standard diamond shapes are relatively easy to come by. They are also easy to customize. Still, there’s something extra poetic about a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring – not to mention, an air of Old-World romance. In a sea of emeralds, ovals, and cushions, a sparkling heart is sure to stand out from the crowd. For 2023 and beyond, the best heart-shaped diamond engagement rings are a mix of platinum settings, brilliant cuts, and small-scale stones.

Heart-shaped diamonds have a long history of being a favorite among royal families. One of the earliest stones was recorded in the mid-15th century, involving the Duke of Milan. According to the International Gem Society, another diamond heart made an appearance in 1562, when Mary Queen of Scots sent Queen Elizabeth I a heart-shaped diamond ring. It was a monumental exchange that signified a deep sense of friendship and goodwill. After that, diamond hearts became a symbol of love and admiration, rather than being linked specifically to marriage and romance. Even Cardinal de Richelieu, a French statesman and member of the clergy, was rumored to have a massive 20-carat heart-shaped diamond.

One of the aspects that makes diamond hearts stand out is how difficult they are to cut. As one would expect for any non-round or square shape, it is incredibly arduous to cut a brilliant facet design for a heart – particularly around the top “clef” of the shape. This may explain why iconic jewelry house, Harry Winston, carries only one heart-shaped diamond engagement ring design in their catalogue; but it is cut to perfection. The ring features tapered baguette side stones, set on a platinum band. Center stones begin at one carat.

Some of the best heart-shaped diamond engagement rings also come from Tiffany & Co, as the iconic brand has rings to suit any bride-to-be’s style. Modern brides will love the single heart-shaped diamond engagement ring in platinum, while those who prefer a more antique aesthetic – or simply more bling – may opt for the Soleste heart-shaped halo engagement ring with a diamond platinum band. 

Graff Paragon Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring set in platinum. 2 Graff Promise Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring pear shape side stones, set in platinum. 3 Graff Promise Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring baguette cut side stones set in platinum.

The brilliance that Graff achieves with their heart-shaped diamond engagement rings is second to none. There’s three particular showstoppers, all set in platinum, that offer slightly different looks just by changing up the side stones. While a single diamond heart highlights the craftsmanship of the diamond itself, pear-shaped side stones extend the shape of the heart outwards, making the heart ever so slightly less obvious and softening its edges. Baguette side stones, however, play up the “icy” element of the diamonds and add a sleek touch.

Chopard is another jewelry designer that has created several different heart-shaped diamond rings, ranging from minimalist to the “Chopard For Ever” ring with pavé diamonds. While many styles will be set in platinum or white gold, Kwiat also offers a beautiful heart-shaped diamond engagement ring set in 18k yellow gold. 

1 Kwiat Heart-shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k Four-Prong Setting. Photography: Adam Angelides

With today’s trends leaning more towards minimalism and understated elegance, Jean Dousset has succeeded in delivering a collection of heart-shaped diamond engagement rings with the most charming stones set in 18kt white or rose gold. Named “La Petite Diamond Heart Ring,” these designs are perfect for any effortlessly stylish bride.

Whether a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring consists of one carat or twelve, the artistry and skill behind each stone is undoubtedly impressive. A single diamond heart, on average, will have 59 precisely cut facets; and only a select few diamond cutters around the world can produce a flawless center stone. If a bride is presented with a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring, it truly is a special token to be treasured and admired.