A chance meeting with a mutual friend created an immediate spark for Darrian and Chris. They felt an immediate connection and comfort with one another, which was solidified on their first date at Olives Bellagio.

From there, the two set off on a five-year journey of exploration. Chris wanted to quite literally give Darrian the world, taking her to every destination imaginable. Whether they were jetting off to Thailand or the Philippines, hiking through Mexico or trekking through Europe, the goal was always to see, do, and taste everything together. Regardless of where they were, however, they always returned back to the city they loved so much – Las Vegas. This is home. It's where Chris cooks, Darrian eats, and they snuggle in tight with their three little dogs.

When it came time to propose, Chris wanted to take their relationship full circle, returning to the site of their first date and dropping to one knee with the fountains of The Bellagio behind them.

While Darrian and Chris met, fell in love, and got engaged on The Strip, their wanderlust and sense of adventure called them to look for an unexpected location for their wedding. After many searches, we decided to take all of our guests to a destination just outside of our destination: Lake Las Vegas.

Knowing that I love photography and production, I immediately suggested that we announce our venue with a photo shoot. Watching the birds fly overhead, I was stuck with immediate images from "The Notebook" (which happens to be the first movie I watched with my own husband). While discussing options and design, I mentioned how much I would love to have a rowboat for the shoot. Darrian and I were set, only to have our dreams shattered when we learned that, shockingly, there are none available to rent in Las Vegas! Chris, ever the romantic, set off to find one for us. He scoured the internet and ultimately connected with the sweetest old man who had made this rowboat by hand for his wife, whom he recently lost. This lovely gentleman loved the idea that the boat he made for the love of his life would set Darrian and Chris off on theirs, and he agreed to sell Chris the boat immediately. This is the kind of energy and kismet and connection that defies coincidence; and that I love so much!

Javier Valentino, of course, made all of my "rowboat filled with flowers" dreams come true. Glammed Up Las Vegas ensured that Darrian was made up to perfection. Stephen and Jenelle Salazar were on hand to document everything, and the photos manage to be both otherworldly and beautiful while also looking very couture and sophisticated.

Planner:  Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events;  Photography:  Stephen Salazar; Floral:  Javier Valentino; Beauty: Elwynn and Cass