The process of finding the perfect wedding dress begins before a bride-to-be ever sets foot in a bridal atelier.  While brides are flipping through wedding magazines and browsing the latest collections, bridal atelier owners and buyers are combing over every gown from countless designers with a well-trained eye, ensuring their brides have the crème de la crème available for their bridal appointments. A luxury bridal ate elevates the wedding dress shopping experience even further, as every bride is catered to individually and walks away with a one-of-a-kind creation. For Michigan brides-to-be, Roma Sposa Atelier  is the premiere luxury bridal atelier for couture bridal gowns, offering unparalleled service for the most discerning clients.

An Italian Heritage

Founded by Anna Castaldi in 1997, Roma Sposa is a luxury bridal atelier in Michigan with Italian roots. Originally from Italy, Anna was raised in an environment that was centered around fashion. As part of her Italian heritage, she was constantly surrounded by beauty and art. Even as a child, she worked with well-known designers because her aunt was a pattern maker.

“My mom had cancer,” Anna shares, “so I grew up with my aunt. I was exposed to all the sewing, cutting, patternmaking, and I saw the experience brides had with their wedding gowns. I saw the fashion shows and the photoshoots. My eyes were used to seeing all that.” 

Anna went to school to be a pharmacist; but even at the young age of eight, she always had a dream to work in the bridal fashion world.

“It was always bridal,” she shares. “I just felt like my field was in fashion, so I started working in stores.”

Eventually, she married an American, which led to opening her store in the Midwest. Roma Sposa Atelier  was the next logical step in the evolution of Anna’s career, but it also became Michigan’s premiere luxury bridal atelier  for couture wedding gowns.

Bringing Couture Bridal Gowns from Europe to the U.S.

In the nineties, there were a few American bridal designers who were well-established as household names and widely available in bridal salons around the country. Being from Italy, however, Anna immediately noticed a lack of couture bridal gowns and designers from Europe. 

“I started carrying European collections,” she explains. “European flair was missing, so I started with Peter Langner. My price point compared to other boutiques was different – I started from $5K-$6K and up. I only carried upscale dresses because I was always exposed to quality instead of quantity. My mom always said, ‘We’re going to buy one thing – make it a good one.’ This isn’t a job; it’s a mission.” 

Roma Sposa’s current roster of luxury bridal designers also includes European and international favorites like Yolancris, Viktor & Rolf, Galia Lahav, Ines Di Santo, and Zuhair Murad.

The Roma Sposa Atelier Experience

The Roma Sposa Atelier  experience is everything one would expect from a luxury bridal salon. When the bride walks in, the Roma Sposa team already knows who she is, as there are phone calls and appointments made beforehand. After a warm welcome and some drinks, the bride and her stylist team discuss the details of her wedding – from the wedding vendors, to the color palette, to the floral designs.

“I know we’re here to sell a gown,” Anna states, “but I’m here to help you buy the gown that is closest to your personality, to reflect you as a person. I want the bride to be proud when she looks back at her wedding pictures and sees that the dress is timeless. Trends go out of style. When the dress is YOU, it will be in style forever.” 

Anna notes that the quintessential “Roma Sposa Atelier  bride” has an impeccable eye for design. As such, her luxury bridal atelier salon has become the top boutique for brides in search of couture bridal gowns. Brides will try on dresses during their appointments, but the final gown is a brand new, customized wedding dress. Designers give Roma Sposa Atelier  brides the opportunity to either customize the details of a wedding dress, or to order one-of-a-kind couture wedding gowns. Working with measurements, fabrics, embellishments, colors, and aesthetics, Anna describes the entire process as putting together the perfect puzzle. Since every dress is a bespoke creation, each bride and gown is special to the Roma Sposa Atelier  story.

“When I opened Roma Sposa Atelier, my goal was to offer brides an atelier that offered a truly unique and personal experience,” says Anna. “That’s why I approach my brides just like we do in Europe – one by one.”

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