Getting married in Italy and hosting a beautiful destination celebration begins with choosing the right wedding planner. Whether planning your Italy wedding locally or from abroad, it’s imperative to partner with someone who is an expert about everything this wonderful country has to offer. Infinity Weddings is a luxury wedding planning team, founded by CEO and Creative Director Sara Mazzei, that excels in creating the most stunning Italian weddings and events. We asked Sara to share more about what makes Infinity Weddings stand out as one of Italy’s leading luxury wedding planners. 

GO: How would you describe your wedding and event planning style?

A: We love caring for our couples with attention and responsiveness. Our motto is, “We will be with you every step of the way.” We always research new ideas, from innovative proposals to designing creative and revolutionary events.

GO: What are some of your favorite aspects of planning a couple’s big day?

A: Definitely the empathy we create with the couple, listening and getting to know them, from the first meeting to the wedding day. It's a special relationship, made of trust and mutual esteem, that allows us to understand how to satisfy the couple's most hidden desires, make them happy, and achieve something extraordinary. To follow, surely the entertainment, intended as the soul of the event, designed and created exclusively for that couple – a real show made of continuous surprises and emotions. We love creating and keeping the high rhythm of the event by planning the timing of each moment with great attention to detail.

GO: For couples getting married in Italy, what is your opinion on wedding trends versus classic décor?

A: I have always looked ahead and tried to perceive social changes that obviously reflect also on the wedding day. Couples today book Infinity Weddings to create contemporary events, which we really love; and we can customize, thanks to our ability to manage articulated projects and interpret them in a “classic" or – even better – a “timeless" way

GO:Is there an ideal amount of time a couple should dedicate to planning their destination wedding?

A: It all depends on the empathy and trust we create with the couple. A wedding can be organized even in a short time and be absolutely extraordinary. Our agency, made up of planners, designers. and architects, is able to create any kind of event just in a few months.

GO: What wedding or event details are often overlooked when planning a wedding and designing the décor?

A: The overall vision is fundamental when organizing a wedding, and every little detail must be planned with this concept in mind. Our role is precisely to help couples maintain the general vision of the event – the big picture – as details are important, but the sense of harmony and the flow of the whole event are essential.

GO: Aside from having a large budget, what transforms a “standard” wedding into a memorable, luxury event?

A: The guests’ experience is crucial to me; I always try to charm them. We all have an inner child that can be amazed and excited. I always make sure this hidden part is encouraged to emerge and, with our creativity, make the event memorable.

GO: What can a couple expect when working with Infinity Weddings as their wedding planner?

A: After all these years and the events we have created, I feel free to suggest solutions that initially may seem like too much, but that I consider suitable for the path we walk with our clients. I believe our clients want exactly this from us; they want to be led further ahead, off the beaten track, to explore new boundaries. We help them understand that our ideas spring out of them, from their personal or professional history. We are able to see the potential and express it in the event. And at the end of the day, the guests recognize our clients in that event, which is exactly our goal.

GO: What advice would you give couples who are going through the wedding planning process?

A: Your wedding has to reflect who you are as a couple, without fear. Every aspect of the wedding should reveal your personalities and consequently create harmony around you and your guests. An event that will represent exactly who you are in your soul.

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