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    February 16, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

    Selina Zhong and Bryan Su initially connected through a dating app but met for the first time at the gym during a bouldering class. Immediately, Brian was impressed by his date’s eagerness and flexibility during the class, and knew she was the type who would always be up for an adventure.

    “I loved his deep voice and strong demeanor,” Selina recalls, “but he also seemed too nervous and shy. He looked at me as if I were one of the most beautiful women in the world.”


    The proposal took place after a walk through the Huntington Library gardens, underneath the atrium. “Bryan was very thoughtful and got me a Harry Winston engagement ring and proposed at the Huntington Library, where Arabella Huntington's Cartier jewels were repurposed by Harry Winston and made him famous,” Selina adds. “It's little historical trivia and mutual love and analysis of little things like this that makes us so similar and helped me realize my future marriage will last because we find a lot of things very interesting and worthy of discussion.” 

    Candidly, the couple shares how their wedding planning process was a stressful one. Between the family getting overly-involved and hectic work schedules, it was a lot to manage. Fortunately, Las Vegas wedding planner Andrea Eppolito stepped in to streamline the details and, in only six months, executed what can only be described as a lavish supper club wedding with Asian influences.

    “I had never worked closely with the in-laws until we got into the wedding planning process,” Bryan shares. “I had been given advice early on that when it came to in-laws, the key was to know that most ‘battles’ were not worth fighting. Both during the planning and in the wedding itself, as with all weddings, it was the bride's day. I did not realize that I was the second most important guest after my father-in-law, but it was all worth it to see how happy both he was and how happy my wife was during the whole process.”

    “It went by super quickly and I tried not to think too much,” the bride says, describing the big day. “I barely spoke as well, because you become a symbol of the ceremony and the production. If anything went wrong, I was just going to accept it and choose to only enjoy everything. I will always remember the look on my planner Andrea's face when it rained all over the wedding site, and I was just happy she had to deal with it rather than me. I just knew everyone was going to be wowed by all our efforts, and that was a great comfort to know.”

    Selina and Bryan’s reception space was transformed into a lavish supper club in Las Vegas, which was also similar to a traditional Chinese banquet. Multiple courses were served to the music of a jazz band, so there was a luxe vintage vibe going on as well.

    “Due to our busy work schedules, we went on our honeymoon later in the year,” the groom shares. “We went to Oahu for a Hawaiian honeymoon that was more relaxing than the previous time we went to Hawaii. The most memorable part was the spontaneous paddle boarding lesson. Again, the spontaneous idea and willingness to be up for anything was all Selina.”


    Planner: Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events Las Vegas, NV

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