Located in Ontario, Dalia Karim is a cake artist with a long career of designing and producing beautiful cakes for high-end weddings and events. As the owner of Luxe Wedding Cake, Dalia is a master of everything pertaining to cakes – from cake decorating, to ensuring that each cake tastes as delicious as it looks. We had a chat with the Canada-based cake designer to learn more about her luxury cake creations and what keeps her inspired.

GO: How did you get started in cake decorating?

A: I discovered baking when I was just 14, and even then I was such a perfectionist that I used to bake my own birthday cake! My love of precision and details served me well over the years, allowing me to master many cake decorating techniques and recipes from any era.

GO: How would you describe your signature cake aesthetic?

A: Its a unique bouquet of aromas and flavors that only 35 years of baking expertise can bring. I use my pastry tools and obsessive precision to create those retro, mid-century, liquor-soaked layers balancing on columns with flourishes such as fondant flowers.

GO: What are some of your most popular cake flavors? Can you create a custom cake flavor or filling for a couple?

A: Of course, I can. Customer favorites include a muddy chocolate cake, a decadent red velvet cake, and a luscious vanilla cake. Fillings include buttercream frosting with the most popular being chocolate, mocha, hazelnut, or a black forest mix of chocolate and cherries.

Customers can also be creative and have a fruitcake as layers, whipped cream and fruit layers, or pudding, marmalade, and jam filling. The combinations possible with all of the flavors are almost endless and I usually consult with my customers to create their dream wedding cake.

GO: How long does it take to design an ornate, multi-tiered wedding cake and how far in advance should a couple place their order?

A: Once I have a general idea of the wedding like the venue, wedding theme, guests list, and budget, I can come up with the first sketch within a few days.

Summer is the main wedding season in North America, which is approximately 20 weekends. Customers are normally keen to book a slot in my summer diary immediately after their wedding date reservation to reduce disappointment possibilities. Short notices are acceptable, subject to availability.

GO: Flowers are always a popular choice for wedding cake décor, but what are some other options for creating that wedding cake “wow” factor?

A: Yes, flowers are popular but many of my customers ask for a modern and sophisticated wedding cake. My wedding cakes are not just another wedding cake; it’s a piece of art. It could contain mechanical and lighting elements, and it’s always impressive.

GO: Where do you find the inspiration behind your cake designs?

A: The happy couple themselves is my main driver behind designing a magnificent wedding cake, but I also consider the wedding theme and any other specific requirements needed when proposing a wedding cake design.

GO: Do you specialize in any other desserts that a couple might want to incorporate into their dessert table?

A: I do offer other desserts such as French macarons, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and my own signature chocolate almond balls that people can add to their dessert table.

GO: What is your favorite part of the cakemaking process?

A: Decorating the cake and watching it come together is my favorite part of the process.