Cake: Fine Cakes by Zehra, Ontario, Canada

Nothing complements a beautiful wedding cake like a sprawling table of delectable desserts. The perfect dessert table is not only stocked with stylish sweets, but it should also be designed to fit the rest of your wedding décor (candles and flowers are easy ways to tie everything together). Here’s some ideas for filling your dessert table, which will keep guests happy and sugar-filled for a long night of celebrations.

Desserts: Intricakes, Fountain Valley, CA

Bite-Sized Pastries
Think of your favorite pastries from the bakeshop, and create miniature versions for the dessert table. Cream-filled eclairs, fruit tarts, cream puffs, and donut holes are always crowd-pleasers.

Mini Cheesecakes
For cheesecake fanatics, it can be a dilemma wanting to serve your favorite dessert during your wedding, but not wanting everyone to feel too heavy. Compromise with bite-sized cheesecakes in a signature flavor, or by serving up a large variety for a full-on mini cheesecake bar.

Potted Puddings
Expand your dessert table pickings past the finger food and offer up some individually potted puddings. Have rows of shot glasses and small spoons filled with scoopable treats like chocolate mousse, tiramisu, trifle, and custard. You can even layer your favorite pie filling with cookie or crust crumbles to mimic the full-sized version.

Meringue Masterpieces
As part of your cakescape or dessert table, towering confections can be just as impressive as the wedding cake itself. Try a tall stack of beautifully shaped meringues, or a dramatic croquembouche – a tasty French classic.

Desserts: Bottega Louie, Los Angeles, CA

Classic Cake Pops
Cake pops are the ultimate cake option for guests who don’t want to leave the dance floor for too long. They’re great for party favors as well.

Unique Serving Vessels
Presentation is everything, and using some unique serving vessels for your dessert table sweets adds an extra stylish touch. From vintage tea cups to custom made cupcake wrappers, it’s the perfect way to incorporate more of your décor theme and personalities into your guests’ wedding experience.

Cake: Rafi’s Pastry, Glendale, CA

Cookies and Bars
When in doubt, fill any empty space on your dessert table with cookies and bars. Lemon bars and caramel-packed turtle bars are wonderful options, and everybody loves a colorful variety of French macarons.