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With Spring being a season that involves the blooming of new flowers, an abundance of greenery, and the return of sunny days, there’s an inherent sense of romance to a Spring wedding celebration. To fully embody the fairytale aspect of the season, couples may want to opt for a more romantic wedding cake design that pays homage to Spring and all it entails. Wedding cakes are the perfect blank canvas for cake artists to demonstrate their skills and imagination, and there’s multiple ways couples can incorporate elements of the season while staying true to their own unique style. From choosing the perfect wedding cake flavor, to selecting the right amount of ornamentation, here are how some of the world’s best cake artists are creating romantic wedding cakes that would be a beautiful addition to any Spring wedding.

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium London, United Kingdom

As any true luxury cake artist will insist, a wedding cake must taste as good as it looks. The best Spring wedding cake flavors tend to be based on whatever is in season. In fact, for any wedding, selecting wedding cake flavors and menus based on in-season produce is always a great rule of thumb. Not only does it celebrate the season, but guests will love sampling dishes featuring fresh ingredients at their peak. 

Depending on where a wedding is taking place, the main produce stars of Spring tend to be strawberries, lemons, cherries, apricots, apple, rhubarb, mango, blueberries, carrots, pineapple, raspberry, bananas, kiwi, and limes. There’s so many delicious cake elements that can be created from this list, alone – think carrot cake, strawberry rhubarb fillings, mango mousse cake, lemon chiffon, or even a pineapple upside-down cake.

Some of the best Spring wedding cake flavor ideas can be found on the menu at Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium in London. The iconic cake shop – founded by Elizabeth Solaru – boasts a delectable array of cakes that include several Springtime favorites, such as a banana cake with caramel, banana crème, and chocolate ganache; and then there’s a classic black forest cake with chocolate-cherry sponge, chocolate truffle, and cherry filling. These dreamy flavors may then be complemented by a romantic cake design in a lovely color palette of pastel pink, white, and gold. Edible appliques also highlight the delicate romance of the season.

Of course, flowers will always be the go-to pick for wedding cake décor; but a Spring wedding cake calls an extra dose of femininity and whimsy. Maile Cake Design creates some exceptional cake options with a gorgeous mix of spriggy blooms, papery ruffles, and unique patterns that play off the natural shape of flower petals. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate some 3D artistry into any cake design.

Over in France, Bastien Blanc-Tailleur is consistently churning out the most romantic wedding cakes that double as architectural works of art. As a favorite cake designer for the most discerning couples in Paris, Monaco, and beyond, his cakes are undoubtedly what the aristocrats and royal families of Versailles would have ordered for their own Spring wedding celebrations. For couples getting married in France and looking for a romantic wedding cake display that will leave guests speechless, it truly doesn’t get any better than a Bastien Blanc-Tailleur masterpiece.

Elly’s Cake Indonesia

If couples can’t choose between one design element or another, then mixing those elements to create a textural contrast may be the perfect solution. Elly’s Cakes produces some romantic options that feature a soft color palette of baby pink and white, and a luxurious trio of sugar flowers, ruffles, and pearls.

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All trends and seasons aside, nothing is as classic as a white wedding cake with some artfully placed flowers. Even Queen Victoria’s 300-pound wedding cake was an all-white design with piped floral details. MonAnnie Cakes offers a more modern interpretation of the white cake and flower combo, creating romantic wedding cakes that are timeless. With pristine white cakes setting a flawless foundation, demure arrangements of sugar flowers take center stage in the most exquisite way. To play up the romance factor even more, be sure to choose Spring-appropriate flowers like tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, pansies, peonies, lily of the valley, lilacs, roses, sweet peas, and ranunculus. 

MonAnnie Cakes Reading, United Kingdom; Photography: Cristina Ilao Photography London, United Kingdom

With the beginning of Spring marking the return of so many gorgeous fruits and flowers, the wedding cake design (and flavor) possibilities are endless.