As a top Ontario wedding planner and owner of Biji Events, Simmi Prasad is no stranger to luxury weddings and events. Having planned and designed weddings in Canada and abroad, she is a visionary who built her company by combining her keen eye for detail with an entrepreneurial spirit. We had a chat with Simmi to learn more about what the Biji Events experience entails, what fuels her creativity, and what couples can expect when working with the Biji team.

GO: How would you sum up your personal design style?

A: Design elements in our events are always inspired by the clients first. We drive elements from their story, which we incorporate into their events. This adds a personal vibe that resonates with them. My personal design style can be described as “extravagance with a simplified elegance.” Our events always turn out to look over the top with attention to detail.

GO: What prompted you to start a career in the wedding and event industry?

A: My entrepreneurial mindset. I was never determined to be in the wedding and events industry; however, my journey lead me here. I always enjoyed the energy of people, combining many details to create a cohesive flow, and striving to meet a deadline. Along the way, I started influencing people to think outside of the box, to be different, and never have a dull moment. Events touch every aspect of my passionate self.

GO: What should couples expect when working with you?

A: When working with Biji, couples can expect to enjoy their planning journey. Bottom line is to have fun while creating memories. We take in their vision of how they want their big day to be, listening to each detail, and asking them questions to dive deep into their true desires so there are no regrets.

GO: What are your favorite types of flowers or décor elements to use?

A: My favorite flowers are garden roses, succulents, thistle, creating a sophisticated garden feel. For decor elements, I would say linens and drapery are my favorites, as it can really soften the room and bring the design together.

GO: What flowers or details mesh well with any type of wedding style?

A: Roses go with every wedding, so just use them in any shade. Versatile decor elements that are almost needed in every wedding would be candles. Lots of them create romance and a cozy mood, and they bring your guests together.

GO: Where do you get your inspiration when creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements or wedding décor schemes?

A: Our clients personalities dictate that one-of-a-kind decor scheme. If they are adventurous, you will find vibrancy and bold elements. If they are soft spoken and simple minded, you will see a lot of gentle and timeless decor.

GO: Are there any current trends you’re implementing into your weddings?

A: We always strive to push the norm. Something new we have started, is adding entertainment around 11 p.m., post-dinner and first half of dancing to pick up the party even more.

GO: Describe one of the best events you’ve designed.

A: It’s hard to just pick one, as they are all amazing in their own way. In my career, one wedding that stays at the top of mind would be Arsheen and Jawad. It was a multiple day, multicultural affair with so many details required. It turned out so beautiful.