Biji Events

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Planning a wedding can be a testing time and life-impacting decision. Achieving a balance with a seamless execution is what our wedding planners and designers do best. We work with world’s leading creative vendors, who are just like us and appreciate the the passion for timeless refinement and professional contentment.

Biji Events, encompasses the complete creative vision, including design, management of all wedding vendors, supervision of creations, negotiation of contracts, budget, and overall direction of the entire process, ensuring that each element and detail is never random.

Voicing each client’s story, concepts, designs and wedding production is unique and tailormade achieving statement making experiences recognized by wordly publications. Our client’s vision and goals are the heart of each project. While each wedding or event is unique, our goal always is to deliver a sophisticated, understated, elegant, and elevated experience for our clients each and every time.

Biji Events are the event artisans of many luxurious and cultural weddings. Let us romance the details and make your event a sensational memory. Our diverse and extremely talented professionals, create the trends for unique experiences.The principles are simple so we can spend time effectively on enhancing the affair. Our process is easy, curated and refined to match our client’s style, lifestyle and needs. We believe in a relaxed approach when guiding the planning and design process, creating a fun and stress-free experience.

A true Biji Event is facilitated through a boundless and fine-tuned collaboration. From creating intricate installations, to minute – minute defined direction, we facilitate the event with you from inception. Priority and respect is given to collaborating with experts worldwide to source only the best products and services for all events. The signature Biji aesthetic is understated elegance. Our independence allows us to piece together celebrations that are entirely our clients’. We specialize in creative, personalized weddings that are a reflection of each couple’s unique style, personality, and relationship.

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