In the realm of luxury Las Vegas weddings, Andrea Eppolito is the go-to wedding planning expert for Sin City’s most stylish and discerning couples. As founder and owner of Andrea Eppolito Events, Andrea’s creativity, passion, and attention to detail is second to none. Watching her transform an event space with a whirlwind of organized chaos is awe-inspiring, and the trust and genuine connection she builds with her couples is something truly special. We asked the luxury wedding planner to share more about her work, along with some of her key wedding planning tips.

GO: What are the first three decisions a couple should make when they begin their wedding planning process?
Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can also be stressful! With so much information, it is difficult to know where to begin. The first thing a couple should do is determine what they want their wedding to look and feel like. How many quests will they have?

Once they have decided on the overall aesthetic, it is imperative that the couple hires a wedding planner. The right wedding planner will help you develop the vision, draft a realistic budget, and serve as a custodian of both your budget and your future memories. Your wedding planner will keep you on task, help you avoid any major missteps, and ensure that you enjoy both the pretty and the process.

The third thing a couple must do is select their venue. Everything flows to and from the venue, which determines everything from the date to the final capacity and the level of formality. The venue is the North Star; every decision you make will lead you back to the venue.

GO: Are there any important planning details that are commonly overlooked?

A: The cost of production is often underestimated. Lighting, rigging, and union labor are not sexy, but they are vital to the success of an event. Many wedding planners and couples fail to consider both the cost and the time it takes to properly install the tech behind the scenes, which can put the success of the wedding in dire straits.

GO: What are some unique ways in which a couple can create an unforgettable guest experience?
Be fearless! Go against the grain and dare to dream beyond the bounds of social media. Many couples are afraid of making a mistake, and so they retreat to the safety of what has been seen and done before. The wedding is guaranteed to look good, yes, but it is the unique and the unexpected that makes an event unforgettable.

Bring in an unusual color. Use a pattern in an unexpected way. Take the time to choose an element that you both love, and then bring it to life in a large scale during the wedding.

And do not forget to leverage scent! This is one of the most important senses we have, but it is often forgotten. Consider scenting the hallway, the entry, or the ceremony. It will bring an enchanting element into the experience that your guests won’t soon forget.

GO: List your top “must haves” for a wedding reception.
My must-haves are driven by my couples, but in the end there are tried and true elements that I just love.

Over-the-top floral installations are a must, because I believe that the grander the moment, the better the memory.

Live candlelight is a must for me. Everyone looks gorgeous in candlelight.

As a foodie, I am always deeply involved in the menu and wine pairing. I’m Italian, and food is love. I cannot imagine producing a wedding without giving deep thought to the menu.

And lastly, entertainment. Whether you bring in a full orchestra or a roaming acrobat, entertainment that your guests can interact with is a must-have that is guaranteed to set your wedding apart from the rest.

GO: What was the most memorable wedding you’ve ever planned?
Asking me that is like asking me to choose between my children! I just couldn’t….